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Giant lizard comes running like dog when man shouts “come here buddy”

We all love our home pets, may it be a dog, cat, bird, or rabbit, they’re all special and dear to our hearts.

We don’t just consider them as mere pets but more like family members.

They join us in our everyday lives and we share precious moments with them.

However, with the list of pets mentioned above, this one, in particular, is something you’ve never expected.

Well, you may have actually seen some on the internet. Viral stories about incredibly unusual pets of people at home.

Who doesn’t like a good viral video? A lot of them feature cats or dogs, which makes them even more special.

But one video has now received more than 30,000 views for an entirely different type of animal — a lizard.

The unknown facts about reptiles.

You might be surprised to learn that even reptiles show a lot of affection toward their owners.

A lot of them love to snuggle up for a long nap. They’re also playful and entertaining.

As one guy proved with a viral video, his pet lizard does something unique.

Everyone loves to be greeted when they come back home.

At the start of the viral video, a man is returning home from work.

But instead of being greeted by a dog with a wagging tail, you spot something unusual close to the house looking at him. At first, it’s hard to tell what it is.

“Come here, buddy”

That what the man says as he approaches his pet lizard. Since it’s still a distance away, it’s hard to see just how massive this thing is.

But in hearing his owner’s voice, the reptile slowly turns and begins making his way toward his human.

What an incredible speed this creature has.

With its owner still calling for the lizard and now on a straight path, this thing moves quickly.

Before you know it, the reptile is at its owner’s feet. That’s when you really see just how huge his pet is.

So, what exactly this creature is?

Although the exact type of lizard is never mentioned, it looks like a Giant Iguana.

Typically, adults can reach almost six feet in length. While some are green, others are more of a gray color like this one.

Whatever kind of lizard this is, it’s incredibly big but also friendly.

The man reaches down and begins to rub and pat the reptile, which loves every second of it.

As the man touches its head, the lizard presses into it. The interaction is super sweet.

Watching this guy and his lizard interact, there’s no question they’re bonded friends.

After all, how many reptiles come running when their owner calls them? Not very many that we know of.

Again, we don’t know how long this guy has had his pet but they obviously love one another.

His big buddy flashes a wide smile.

At one point, the camera zooms out a little. At that point, it looks as though the lizard is flashing a grin from ear to ear.

The guy then gives his lizard a good pat on the side and says, “Aren’t you glad I’m home?”

Don’t judge his looks.

This lizard is so big yet super gentle. Watching the two of them together, you have to be impressed.

It’s so awesome to see someone with a pet that few people own. And of course, people on the internet love this video.

One person posted, “Godzilla’s gonna be pissed off when he finds out you stole his son.” Another individual wrote, “This is exactly how to train your dragon properly.” If you want to see this for yourself, just click on the video below.

Having an animal companion at home can actually help you destress and fight anxiety.

Especially during these trying times when most of us are on home quarantine.

If you already have one, consider yourself lucky, just like the guy in this video and his super-sized lizard.

Watch how fast this huge lizard is in the video below.

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