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Gigantic husky has ‘adorable’ first meeting with tiny baby brother and wins 6M views

The size difference between them is so cute.

Every pet parent cherishes the moment when their furry and human children form a bond.

It’s a heartwarming sight that completes the family picture. However, the journey to this harmonious relationship can be fraught with anxiety.

What if the baby is frightened of the dog, or the dog reacts negatively to the baby’s presence?

The worst-case scenario is the dog causing harm to the baby.

But if we’ve learned anything from countless dog and baby videos, as long as the parent is careful and watches every moment of their interaction, these fears are often unfounded.

Dogs might initially be wary of the little ones, but once they get a whiff of the baby, they usually fall head over paws in love.

Enter Teddy, a Husky who shares his home with his siblings – Phil and Niko, both Malamutes, and Milo, a cat who thinks he’s a Malamute. They live with their human parents and sister, Amelia.

The family is about to welcome a new addition – a baby boy.

Before the dogs could meet their new brother, they needed some preparation and time to settle down.

The parents wisely decided to introduce the baby to each dog individually to avoid overwhelming the baby and to prevent the dogs from getting overly excited, which could lead to accidents.

The parents did an excellent job of preparing the dogs for the baby’s arrival.

They allowed the dogs to sniff the baby’s clothes and hats, giving them a sense of the impending change.

The dogs also got a chance to inspect the baby’s stroller, further familiarizing them with the new family member.

Were the dogs ready to meet their baby brother?

Phil and Niko had already been through this process with their sister, Amelia, so the parents decided to introduce Teddy first.

As the youngest of the dogs, Teddy had not yet experienced this kind of introduction.

The moment of truth arrived when Teddy was brought in to meet his baby brother.

With the baby safely in the father’s arms, Teddy approached, sniffing the air around the baby with curiosity.

He seemed to wonder why this little creature didn’t have fur like him.

The father kept a gentle hand on Teddy’s head to keep him calm. Teddy seemed to understand that he needed to remain composed to stay near his brother.

He climbed onto the couch, laid down next to his father, and affectionately licked his face.

When it came to the baby, Teddy simply stared and sniffed, taking in his new sibling.

Teddy might still be trying to make sense of this tiny new human. But if his parents trust this little one, then perhaps he’s not so bad after all.

And soon enough, we’re sure these two will be running around and having a great time playing together.

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