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Giggling Toddler Gives Treat To Giant Dog

Kids learn by example. Whatever we do as adults, kids are sure to be right behind, picking up what we put down!

Sometimes, it’s adorable and sweet, but other times, it makes you regret cursing out loud when you should have done it in your head after stubbing your toe!

Kids just say and do the darndest things, and it’s so endearing when they’re able to pick up on little skills or learn things simply by watching.

This reason is also why you should lead by example, especially when raising a little one.

This is an adorable video of a tiny girl in the kitchen with her huge dog.

Their conversation starts off a little strained but ends flawlessly with a huge success, and it’s worth the watch to the end!

No more than two years old, this little toddler is facing the family’s gigantic Great Dane.

He is so big; he appears to be three times her size!

They are only a few inches away from each other, and the girl is holding a biscuit in her hand.

The little curl on the top of her head is bouncing around as she wields the treat, giggling.

She’s repeating the word, “Sit…sit sit!” but the dog just looks on confused and doesn’t know what to do.

But, what a sweet and patient dog. Clearly more strong and powerful than the toddler, this stunning pup with white and black spots (who looks like a gigantic Dalmatian!) seems to hang on to every word the child is saying, but he’s not getting what she’s trying to say.

The pup’s eyes are on the treat, longingly yearning to acquire it, but the girl is losing speed a little.

So, mom pipes up, “Tell him to sit down,” and the girl gives one last try, waving her arm high up and commanding a little louder.

“Sit! Sit! Sit!” she says, waving her arm high up in the air. The dog complies. He edges back and plops his butt on the floor.

The girl throws the treat, and everyone is happy! She does a little dance, and both the dog and toddler are happy campers.

The toddler’s got her first trick down and the dog is patient and such a good boy. If only teaching your dog some tricks were as easy as this encounter.

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