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Girls break out in Irish dance during wedding when bride storms stage to steal the spotlight

We’ve all seen beautiful wedding dances. Whether they involve the bride and groom, bride and her father, or groom and his new mother-in-law, it’s all part of a traditional ceremony.

Sometimes, these dances are emotional while other times, they’re over the top.

But seldom do we see a bride steal the show with an entourage of backup dancers.

Nor do we see a bride perform an Irish jig…in her wedding dress and all. You can only imagine what a sight that would be. Well, you don’t have to wonder any longer.

Something different.

Instead of doing what other brides do, one woman named Gretchen wanted to do something different to celebrate her wedding.

So, she came up with a brilliant idea. Now, there’s nothing wrong with a traditional dance but why not think outside of the box?

Celebrating an Irish heritage?

To be honest, we’re not sure if the couple is Irish.

But what we do know is that when Gretchen married the love of her life, she enlisted the services of dancers from the Hooley School of Irish Dance in Lancaster, Pennsylvania to help execute her plan.

The video went viral.

Fortunately for people who love to scour the internet for cool things, this event was captured on video.

To date, it’s been seen more than 800,000 times.

It immediately begins with two girls in short black dresses, white ankle socks, and black shoes making their way onto a dance floor set up outside.

Starting the party off right.

With the song, “Shut Up and Dance” by Walk the Moon, these girls start clogging.

This style of dance is similar to tap although there are some different moves and the arms remain at the dancer’s side.

The number of dancers increases.

As the song continues to play, two additional girls dressed in the same attire join the others.

Now all four are moving in unison to the beat of the music.

They’re fantastic.

All of the wedding guests off to the side can’t take their eyes off of these girls.

Not only is their dancing unique but they’re also incredibly talented.

But wait…there’s more

Before long, additional girls head onto the dance floor. Seamlessly, they begin clogging right along with the others and without missing a single step.

In the video, you see the bride and groom watching off to the left.

For almost two minutes, these girls showcase their amazing skills.

They’re smiling, the guests are smiling, and we’re certain the bride and groom are smiling too. What a wonderful way to celebrate a wedding.

You see the bride motion to someone as she walks away.

The next thing you know, she and the flower girl are on the dance floor doing their thing. In response, the guests cheer.

And they’re just as good as the cloggers, maybe even better.

In the background, the dancers clap to the rhythm of the music.

We don’t know the relationship between the bride and this young girl but you can tell they have a special bond.

After the flower girl exits the dance floor, the entourage steps forward to continue dancing with the bride.

She’s beautiful as the sunlight streams down on her and her gorgeous white gown.

If you love unique wedding dances, this is one you don’t want to miss. Click on it below to enjoy.

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