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Golden Retriever melts hearts meeting his new puppy friend

Dogs truly are man’s best friend. They are known for being loyal, friendly and loving, but it’s not exclusive for humans.

Dogs can also form life-long bonds with other dogs and maintain profound friendships for the duration of their lives.

Take for instance this golden retriever and his tiny puppy pal.

When he is first introduced to his bff-to-be, he seems unsure what to do about it. What is it exactly and why is it so small?

This golden retriever doesn’t know what to make of this tiny black handful of fur.

Not really an issue though as the little black guy doesn’t seem to know what’s going on around him either. Life is like that sometimes.

A cautious sniff here and there reveals that yes, in fact this is a tiny baby dog like he was many years ago.

Now what to do with the little one… Before the little pup can leave his box, Goldie here is trying to play a game of take-the-shoe. Talk about baby steps. Other games will have to wait.

It’s not long before the little fur ball is on its own four feet!

Pupper has quite an appetite. This little one likes to drink. And through it all, his huge buddy is right there.

he may be new to this game called life but he’s doing pretty well all things considered. It’s a little golden influence…

And before you know it, they’re playing together!

It’s remarkable how fast puppies grow up. And as we can see, Golden Retriever doesn’t need a shoe to have fun.

This puppy is so full of energy running back and forth and toying with the retriever. The master and apprentice!

This pup has tons of energy and goldie here cannot keep up. Or can he?

Even when it’s time for Goldie to chill, our little puppy pal runs circles around him.

How does he have so much gas in the tank? One thing that anyone who’s ever spent time around puppies will know is that they require a LOT of attention, but all you have to do is wait for them to burn out. And it is the cutest, sweetest thing ever.

When the time does come to rest, they even do that together. These two are too precious just snuggling together.

They have completely gone from strangers to inseparable pals and the internet is nothing but thankful.

And what’s a friendship without a little friendly competition?

Specifically, these two love a little tug-of-war! I bet this golden retriever is so glad that the strange blind ball of fur in that box turned into such a fun friend to have!

I can’t imagine how bored and lonely he must have felt just being alone.

He must have been ecstatic finally having another doggo to bond with. I’m sure they’re both grateful for each other. Friendships like these are for life!

Watch the full video below to see these best friends play together.

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