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Golden retriever puppy meets goat for the first time and loses his mind

It’s always an interesting moment when an animal meets an animal of another species.

Do they see them as one of their own, or do they see them as being totally different, like a human? Animals have their own ways of communicating with others who are the same as them, but we often wonder if they can also communicate with different kinds of animals.

We’ve certainly seen enough videos of special bonds between different types of animals to prove this theory.

So when a video surfaced of a 4-day-old goat meeting a 4-month-old puppy, we were instantly intrigued to see how the pair were going to get along – and the video is certainly worth a watch!

Despite their obvious differences, the two babies end up getting on like a house on fire, and the dog’s reaction to seeing a goat for the first time is the purest thing we’ve ever seen. We’re pretty sure you won’t be able to watch this video without smiling!

Sean Cadden of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, is the man behind the adorable video.

Years ago, the family goat gave birth to a sweet kid which they named Zoomer, and Sean wanted to introduce the kid to a special member of the family – their labrador puppy, Bud.

Bud was still pretty young himself, and he had probably never had an encounter with another animal before, so his reaction was gold.

As soon as the kid is brought into the room, Sean begins to film the pair’s first meeting.

Both animals are a little hesitant at first, but then excitement seems to overwhelm Bud, and the little pup goes crazy!

Probably unable to believe his own eyes, Bud jumps up off his bed and runs back and forth, stopping each time to get a sniff of Zoomer.

Ironically, Zoomer is the calmer of the two and remains still as Bud runs about.

He’s probably a little overwhelmed, but we still think that Bud and Zoomer should switch names!

The sweet moment was shared onto YouTube by Sean Cadden, and people loved the video so much that it’s hit 4.7 million views since being posted in 2016, as well as thousands of likes and comments.

People took to the comments to share their love for the video, with many speculating how the two animals were feeling about the meeting.

One person joked:

“Puppy: ‘that’s a weird looking puppy.’ Goat: ‘that’s a weird looking goat.’”

Another person added:

“Two BIG questions at the same time in both’s mind….. One….. ‘Why is he jumping n running?’ Two….. ‘Why isn’t he jumping n running?’”

A final person commented, “That big bumbling puppy wants to play so bad!

OMG He’s so cute and clumsy and excited. What a sweetie.

Here’s hoping the little goat grows quickly and becomes a suitable playmate. :)”

We’d love to see a 2020 video updating us into the friendship between the dog and the goat, four years on.

We like to think that the pair are now the best of friends! Watch the sweet video below.

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