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Grandfather And Granddaughter Sing Sweet Duet

A heartwarming moment is shared between a grandfather and his granddaughter when they sing a sweet duet together.

And after the granddaughter posted a video of their performance online, it went viral!

80-year-old Gerald Beach has always enjoyed singing. And he passed his love of singing on to his 24-year-old granddaughter, Laura Jayne Aston.

The two have actually been singing together since Laura Jayne was just eight years old.

The talented pair actually sing together at least once a week, in honor of Laura Jayne’s grandmother who has sadly passed away.

In this video, Gerald and Laura Jayne are singing a rendition of the song ‘Diana’ by the Hit Crew Masters.

After finishing the video, Laura Jayne posted the duet online, and it has been viewed hundreds of thousands of times!

And the incredible amount of comments on the video praise the grandfather and granddaughter for their talented performance.

What a sweet video and heartwarming moment caught on camera of this grandfather and granddaughter.

And now, Gerald can say that he became a singing sensation online in his old age, thanks to his granddaughter.

We hope you enjoyed this precious video and it brought a smile to your face today!

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