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Grandpa builds grandson with autism the most magical safety bed

When this grandpa found out his grandson with autism needed a safe, contained place to sleep, he decided to use his creativity and go above and beyond.

This grandpa deserves an award!

His grandson, who has autism, needed a special place to sleep that would keep him safe and contained.

Instead of just building a plain and functional bed, this grandpa used his creativity to build a magical and whimsical space for his grandson.

The beautiful creation.

The creation was designed to look like the world of Pooh and his friends, with large trees and a front door with a sign with his grandson’s name, “Mr. Sanders” written in the Pooh font.

Pooh’s friends, Eeyore, Tigger, and Pigglet, are waiting near the door.

The small door in the middle is perfect for his young grandson to walk up to, and when it opens, it reveals a glimpse into Pooh Bear’s kitchen.

In the kitchen, we can see a cuckoo clock, kitchen essentials, and a pot full of honey.

There’s more inside!

At first glance, the small door looks like the only entrance to the bed, but the grandpa has added a surprise feature.

He has installed a mechanism that allows the whole front of the “box” to open up, revealing the custom-fit bed and paintings of Pooh Bear’s bedroom.

The bed is on wheels, so it can be easily moved around and transformed into a traditional bedroom if needed.

Ensuring his grandson’s safety.

Families with children who have autism must provide additional security for their safety.

The Autism Spectrum Disorder Foundation tells parents:

“Children with autism have a tendency to wander in the middle of the night. Secure his room by locking the door from the outside or placing a baby gate at the door. Though it may feel like you are imprisoning your child, this is for his safety and best interest.” – Autism Spectrum Disorder Foundation.

Not only was this creation an incredible way to ensure his grandson wouldn’t wander, but it was a fun space for him to sleep while monitoring everything.

The grandpa incorporated various safety features in case of an emergency.

He worked closely with the local fire department to receive feedback on his design and make sure that the bed would not impede any rescue or escape efforts.

He included a smoke detector, CO2 detector, alarm systems, and cameras to provide complete protection.

Through his hard work and collaboration with the fire department, the grandpa was able to create a bed that was not only comfortable for his grandson but also 100% safe and effective in case of an emergency.

This safety precaution is truly a work of art.

The grandpa’s attention to detail is very impressive.

His grandson can now have a place to hang out and sleep that is not only safe but also magical.

He took the time to understand his grandson’s needs and used his skills and imagination to create a truly special place for him.

This grandpa is not only a loving and caring grandfather but also a true artist!

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