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Great Dane attacks intruder when elderly owner is in trouble

Having someone break into your home might just be your worst nightmare.

This is something we always expect it to happen in the middle of the night — not in broad daylight.

During the day, many of us feel comfortable leaving our doors unlocked. We know the sun is up and people are out and about.

So, home intruders probably won’t dare trying to make their way inside.

But one Oklahoma woman is recovering from a home invasion thanks to her Great Dane.

Tracy McCoy was at her home in Oklahoma City in the middle of the afternoon.

She had the side door unlocked. With her at home was her son Nathaniel and her two dogs, including 122-pound Dubai.

McCoy heard the door open and shut.

The noise didn’t particularly alarm her. She assumed it was her older son coming into the house.

But security footage shows something much eerier: a strange man letting himself in.

He was greeted by the dog. He even stopped to pet him for a few moments before making his way down the hall.

Dubai assumed he was welcome in the home — until he saw McCoy’s reaction.

McCoy got the shock of her life when she realized a strange man was in her home.

The moment she saw him, she began to scream. “I looked up and came face-to-face with a stranger,” she said.

“The instant that I screamed, Dubai understood that that person was not welcome here.”

The dog immediately lunged at the intruder, biting him in the backside and herding him down the hall.

McCoy followed close behind, still screaming. “He immediately did an about-face and started after the gentleman,” she said. “He escorted him out by the rear end with his teeth.”

The moment the man was out of the house, he took off running down the street. Meanwhile, McCoy bolted for the telephone to call the police.

Her younger son, who is blind, was shaken by the commotion. He hadn’t known anything was wrong until he heard his mother begin to scream.

Police caught up to the intruder within just a few minutes and brought him back to McCoy’s house to be identified.

“Officers that were responding to the scene spotted the man in the area walking in the neighborhood, took him into custody,” said Master Sgt. Gary Knight of the Oklahoma Police Dept.

The family is safe thanks to Dubai’s quick action. But McCoy says all of them — Dubai included — still feel shaken by the incident.

“It changes everything,” she said. “It changes how you feel. It changes your security. It changes your level of confidence at that moment.”

Just over one million homes in the United States are invaded each year.

Though we expect break-ins to happen at night, statistics show most of them occur between the hours of 10 a.m. and 3 p.m. when residents are at work.

You should always lock your door if you’re home, especially if you’re there alone.

See this dog in action by watching the video below.

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