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Grieving mama cat gets kitten doll that helps heal her broken heart

Humans mourn after losing something or someone very important to them, but do animals do the same? Apparently, they do too.

In fact, there is abundant proof that shows that they grieve just as humans do, just like this mother cat who lost her only kitten.

This mother cat was heartbroken after losing her only baby.

Tik Tok user Isabel’s tabby cat Hazel gave birth to her only kitten.

However, the poor kitten was born unhealthy, thus was unable to cling to life. Isabel saw how heartbroken Hazel was with it.

She was so sad that Isabel shared a video of Hazel on Tik Tok:

“She would stay up all night crying and looking for her baby…”

Isabel wanted to help, and so she racked up her brain to come up with an idea that would cheer up her grieving cat.

“…so I decided to make a pretend baby for her,” she explained in the video.

She made something that could ease her cat’s loneliness.

In the Tik Tok video, she revealed the thing she made with only a pair of scissors and a piece of white cloth – a kitten doll.

Isabel cut two kitten-shaped figures on the cloth and sew both together after stuffing cotton inside it.

It may not look like an actual kitten, but she was really surprised at how Hazel reacted.

Hazel loved it very much and it never left her side.

Hazel almost succumbed to the loneliness of losing her only baby, luckily Isabel was there to help her out of it. She gave the little kitten doll to Hazel and immediately fell in love with it.

Since then, Hazel has always had that doll by her side no matter where she goes or what she does.

The momma cat treated it as her own baby, and she can’t even go to sleep without it.

Isabel was really surprised at how it turned out, and at the same time, she was also very happy that it helped her cat move on from the pain of losing her kitten.

The TikTok video touched many hearts on the internet.

Isabel’s Tik Tok video instantly went viral on the internet, racking up over 3.8 million likes and 150 thousand shares.

Lara Anderson’s version of Build Me Up Buttercup as the background really helped on making the video much sweeter and more heart-melting.

A lot of netizens shared their emotional comments after watching the video. One user even wrote:

“I am literally having a breakdown, I’m be crying all day now.”

The internet even helped in naming Hazel’s kitten doll.

Ever since the video blew up on the web, Isabel showed her appreciation to all of the people who made it possible. She even asked them, “I think she likes it. What should we name this Lil guy?”

The Tik Tok community had various replies including Solace, Remedy, and Stuffy, which are great names.

However, what stuck, in the end, was the name Angel, which absolutely makes sense because of how it seemed to be an angel who descended from heaven to comfort the grieving Hazel.

She’s all better now, and she still has her kitty doll with her.

After a few months, Isabel posted an update about Hazel on TikTok.

The once heartbroken Hazel was so much better now, and she looks like she’s living the best life full of her cat mom’s love.

Furthermore, Isabel found out that Hazel had her kitten doll around her.

Isn’t she just sweet? Hopefully, we get to see more of her in the future.

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