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Handsome Marine arrives unannounced and mom’s eruption is gold

The best Christmas presents are the really unexpected ones.

It’s those that don’t necessarily need fancy wrapping. No need to be displayed under that rocking tree in the hall.

The best presents are the ones that bring tears to someone’s eyes.

Families with members who work overseas or with kids in the military know what it’s like to just wish their loved ones could be home for Christmas.

What’s the point of celebrating if they’re not complete?

We’ve found three surprise military homecomings that would soften even the toughest of Grinch hearts.

There are lots of surprise homecoming videos online.

Well the feelings are mutual. Men and women in uniform do wish they could be home with their families too.

And more often than not, they do get to fly home for the holidays. Time to surprise the family!

Leslie is a maternity nurse and during a Christmas party, her colleague calls her up and tells her to open a letter.

She had no idea that Santa behind her is her son, Travis!

He flew all the way back from Afghanistan! Leslie bursts into tears upon reading the letter and seeing her son’s picture, but at that same moment, Santa got up and began to remove the wig and the beard. She turns around and… Hug me, mom! Isn’t that just beautiful?

Best Christmas surprise EVER!

The kid from Ohio.

This little guy misses his big brother all the time. And there’s a special bond only brothers know about.

Big brother Ian hid under the mascot and the moment his little bro sees him, he runs up to Ian and the brothers embrace.

Here’s a comment from a viewer,

“Awe, the baby was so happy to see his big brother, his hero. And big brother his baby. Welcome home solider. Thanks for your service.”

It had been eight months since he last saw his big brother. Good thing he’s a great little guy because he received an early present from Santa during a school assembly.

Check out the touching reunion below.

Mom’s magnificent reaction.

This was Christmas when the young marine flew back home to surprise his family.

It’s going to be a wonderfully merry Christmas. They just didn’t know it yet. It’s the season for delightful surprises!

Moms will always think of their kids as babies no matter how old they are. So this young soldier walks up to the door and knocks.

He waits awhile, giving the camera a smile, when finally he hears the latch open.

“I know that’s exactly how my mom would react if my brothers could come home this Christmas. God bless every soldier for their service.”

Says a viewer.

This moment has been viewed by over 7.7 million people. Now you know why.

Mom’s probably still warming up with her coffee, as evidenced by her Christmas themed robes, when her son knocked.

Now that’s a kick no coffee can equal! Hello, mom!

Moms, dads, siblings, and friends. They all have hearts that ache for loved ones to come home for Christmas.

Not everybody gets opportunities like the ones featured here. So say a prayer for those who can’t make it home.

Then go hug your parents and siblings while you open your presents.

Watch below to see Mom’s hilariously wonderful reaction below!

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