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Heartbroken, orphaned foal loses the will to live until a kind dog comes to help

The foal had had a rough start to life. Luckily, he found the help that he needed from an unlikely source.

Tye the baby horse was able to spend the first eight days of his life with his mother.

But all was not well. The mother became ill. Her owners tried to treat her. But she kept on deteriorating.

The baby couldn’t quite understand what was going on until his mother could no longer walk.

That was when Zip, a five-year-old Australian rescue dog who also lived on the farm, started to help.

Zip came up to Tye and his mother. He wanted them to know that he was there for them.

Zip’s owner, Karla Swindle, was amazed. Zip had never spent much time with any horse before. Yet now he was comforting the baby and the mother.

Tragically, the next morning, Tye’s mom passed away.

Naturally, the baby was heartbroken. He had hoped to spend so much time with his mother. And now that opportunity had gone forever.

But Zip made it clear that he was there for Tye. As Tye’s mom was passing, he had laid beside Tye.

Eventually, Karla tried to bring Zip back inside their home. But Zip wanted to stay by Tye’s side.

Every day, Zip wanted to spend all of his time around Tye.

At first, Tye was deeply upset. But as the days passed, he started to appreciate Zip’ company.

Over the next six weeks, Tye and Zip bonded even more.

It got to the point where the two animals always wanted to be around one another.

Karla was amazed to see the transformation in Tye.

For a while, he had lost his appetite. But thanks to Zip’s support, the horse was eating more and more. Soon, he was growing into a strong horse.

After a while, Zip decided to give Tye more independence.

After all, the horse was reaching the point where he wouldn’t want to spend so much time around his mother. Instead, the horse started hanging around with his older sister more.

But Zip and Tye are still on friendly terms. They often greet each other and play around on the farm.

However, Zip was soon going to have another baby to help out. Zip’s owner, Karla, had a granddaughter.

This granddaughter visits the farm often. And whenever she does, Zip is overjoyed to spend time with her.

Karla can tell that Zip is treating her granddaughter much like he treated Tye.

She is overjoyed to see that Zip’s heart is this big.

A video of Tye and Zip then appeared on YouTube, where it soon became popular.

Hopefully, Tye, Zip and Karla have many more adventures on the farm ahead of them!

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