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Herd of horses fall in love with miniature stallion

It’s common enough to hear children asking for ponies for Christmas.

At least, that’s what film and television would have us believe.

Something about the stature of a pony makes it so appealing to children.

It’s the perfect adorable size for them! It’s not just ponies who have the same cute qualities however.

The miniature horse too is just as adorable.

Miniature horses are very similar to ponies, but are bred more to the proportions of full sized horses.

You may be pleased to know, that it’s not only kids who find miniature horses adorable…

But some full sized horses too!

Pippin is a miniature horse who has quite the fan base. It’s not clear if he’s named after Pippin (Peregrine Took), one of the Hobbits from The Lord of the Rings, but this mini horse has the stature to suit the name. Pippin also happens to be adored, in particular by regular horses from down the road.

As Pippin approaches, they watch transfixed.

These stunning horses all carefully watch Pippin as he approaches.

Do they know that he’s a miniature horse, or do they presume he’s just a foal?

They approach Pippin curiously.

At first cautiously, they trot up to the gate to investigate this tiny version of themselves.

A few tentative sniffs confirm; yes, he is a horse. But why is he so very small?

Time for a closer look…or…sniff.

Now reaching over the fence to greet Pippin, it’s clear that he inspires these new horses not only with curiosity but also with affection.

They seem genuinely to like him and enjoy greeting him.

A crowd gathers before long.

It’s not just this one curious horse, but a whole group congregate to see their new friend.

Meanwhile Pippin happily chomps on the long grass and intermittently raises his head to pay attention to the other horses who are all so eager to get to know him.

They do get pretty affectionate with the little guy.

It becomes more and more clear that they really like little Pippin, and with caresses that seems almost like cuddles they act lovingly indeed.

It’s not clear how well Pippin knows these horses, but if they’ve only just met, they are very welcoming to the little guy.

They seem like fabulous friends.

It is possible that they see little Pippin as a baby and decide that they want to nurture him as one of their own.

They act so tenderly around him, and seem to behave very differently around him than they do around each other.

While this is possible, they also do seem very curious about him and his size.

One by one, they all come to greet him.

It’s not just one or two horses that seem enchanted by Pippin, but the whole lot of them.

Nobody seems to feel any hostility to him, but rather a friendly adoration that just melts your heart.

You can’t blame them, Pippin is one cute little horse! Each of these horses seems as in love with him as we are!

Watch the full video below to enjoy this adorable tiny horse.

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