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Here’s the moment a confused shelter dog realized he was finally getting a home

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The shelter volunteers had done a great job of looking after Benny. But nothing could compare to a forever home.

Benny had been in the shelter for one month. It may not sound like long for a human. But for a dog, a month is an eternity.

Over this time, Benny had charmed the volunteers with his friendly nature. He was shy but kind. They hoped that he would soon find a forever home.

As the weeks passed, people looked at Benny but went for dogs with bigger personalities.

Then came a family who finally saw something special in Benny. They decided to adopt him then and there.

So the volunteers opened the pen and put a leash around Benny’s neck.

Benny started panicking. He couldn’t understand what was happening.

His two new owners said hi to him and reached out. Suddenly, it all made sense to the dog. Benny realized that he was going to a loving home.

Benny couldn’t contain his happiness. He started jumping up and down as he walked out of the shelter.

And when he reached the outside, he got even more excited. He just wanted to explore the entire world.

Then he kept on barking. The shelter volunteer who was accompanying the owners to their car couldn’t believe it. Benny was usually so quiet and reserved.

Finally, the volunteer lifted Benny up and placed him in his new owners’ car. She said goodbye and that she would miss him.

Soon, Benny settled in to his new home. He loves his owners and is so relieved to have been rescued.

Luckily, someone was filming the moments leading up to and after Benny’s adoption.

This footage then appeared on Facebook, where it soon went viral. To date, the footage has gained almost 7 million views.

It also has more than 54,000 likes, 19,000 shares and 3,700 comments.

Clearly, Benny’s experience has captured the hearts of people all over the world.

Hopefully, some of the people who saw this were inspired to adopt shelter dogs of their own.

Of course, some people will say that Benny was just excited to get outside.

But surely, he could work out what was happening. He saw and smelled two new people who were so happy to see him.

Until we finally learn to read dogs’ minds, we won’t know exactly when dogs learn that they’ve found a forever home.

But one thing is obvious: every dog is different. Benny clearly worked out what was going on.

Other dogs may take some time to accept their new owners as their new owners. Especially if they’ve had difficult pasts!

Benny is a very lucky dog. Yes, a month is a long time for a dog. But many other dogs have to spend much longer in shelters.

If only they could all find forever homes!

Hopefully, Benny will have many happy years with his new owners. Soon, the shelter will be a distant memory.

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