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Hidden camera captures street sweeper showing love to a stray dog

If 2020 has proved anything to us, it’s that pets are really some of the most important beings to walk this earth.

So much so, that when the pandemic began back in February, many people’s jobs took a backseat, and lots of us discovered that we were actually quite lonely.

One of the best things to come from the pandemic was that more and more people began to adopt animals from shelters all over the world.

From March 15 through the end of the month, the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals saw more than 600 people complete online foster applications for its New York City and Los Angeles foster programs.

However, while this is undoubtedly great news, after some people returned to work, they realized that they can no longer look after a pet since lockdown has ended.

This has lead to an increase in animals being abandoned or surrendered at shelters, and it means that strays are once more out on the streets again.

While not everyone is in a place to adopt an animal, we still think it’s nice for strays to be treated with a little humanity- something that one man from Spain has mastered the art of.

Street sweeping may not be the most exciting of jobs, but one street sweeper found a way to make his day- and another’s- more special.

The man was caught on camera sweeping his brush through a stray dog’s back, and the dog seems to be loving it!

The sweet pup is laid on his back with his tummy up – a clear indication that he’s enjoying being petted.

And while the man could have simply ignored the stray and got on with his work, he took time out of his day to make sure that this dog got some extra love and attention.

Dogs are incredibly sociable creatures who can’t even go an hour without being petted, so we imagine that it must be lonely for a dog living out on the streets.

We often worry most about stray animals not having enough food and water to survive on, but we often forget one of their most basic needs: human interaction.

But this man didn’t. The sweet video was posted onto Twitter by Diego Maldonado with the caption translated from Spanish, saying, “Who are you when nobody is watching?”

Unsurprisingly, the video received over 43.8k likes, as well as over 10k shares, as people all over the world praised the man’s compassion.

One person said:

“How beautiful! He knows that the person likes him, the dog feels and receives his love with affection.”

Another added:

“There is still a beautiful person in this suffering world. This gives us a lesson in love.”

A final person said:

“That’s what this life is about, why can’t we be like that? Why are there people who mistreat dogs?“

We have to agree! This man showed some humanity and compassion that we don’t often see these days. We bet he made this dog’s day!

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