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Hilarious Carol Burnett Show bloopers prove the entire cast were comedic geniuses

This was comedy at its best.

The iconic comedy show, “The Carol Burnett Show,” is renowned for its humor.

It featured the talented Carol Burnett and a cast of equally hilarious actors.

When the show first aired in 1967, Burnett had to demonstrate her comedic prowess.
This was typically a domain dominated by men.

Michael Dann, the then head of CBS, was hesitant to give Burnett her own variety and sketch show, considering it a “man’s genre.”

He proposed a sitcom instead.

However, due to a clause in her contract, Dann had to grant Burnett’s request, and the rest, as they say, is history.

While the sketches on the show were undeniably amusing, there was a lot of fun happening off-camera as well.

The cast, which eventually included Burnett, Harvey Norman, Vicki Lawrence, and the mischievously spirited Tim Conway, were not hesitant to indulge in some unscripted fun.

With such a team known for their humor, it’s no surprise that there were plenty of bloopers from the show.

Burnett herself had her fair share of bloopers.

On one occasion, she couldn’t deliver her lines when talking about Australia, finding it so amusing that she burst into laughter in the middle of the skit.

In another instance, something as simple as spelling a word resulted in laughter.

Tim Conway attempted to deliver his line but struggled to spell the word “relief.”

He confidently said, “I spell relief, R-E-L-I-F-E,” but perhaps he should have taken it a bit slower.

Conway tried to deliver his line again but didn’t fare much better. “I spell relief, R-E-L-I-F,” he said.

Almost there, but not quite! Conway, aware that he couldn’t get the line right, joked about it, saying:

“Would you hold it down? We’re trying to spell over here!”

Eventually, the crew had to write the word on the back of the clapper for Conway to see.

In another episode, Conway demonstrated that sometimes you just have to swat a fly, even in the middle of a scene.

He was playing a dentist who initially couldn’t sit in his chair correctly, which was the first source of laughter.

Then he started hearing some buzzing.

His patient heard it too, but tried to ignore it.

Conway, however, couldn’t ignore it and did what we would all do – he swatted it!

This action made his patient laugh as Conway flung the fly across the room.

But that wasn’t even the funniest part!

He tried to finish the scene, but the pair couldn’t do it as Conway accidentally injected himself in the face with the needle!

Even when you’re the one who’s supposed to make other people laugh, sometimes you can’t help but get a case of the giggles too.

That happened to Burnett when Conway started talking about dwarfs and elephants! She couldn’t control her laughter.

These are just a few of the many bloopers that Burnett and the cast had over the years.

To this day, people still love watching the show and the bloopers.

It just goes to show that we can all use a good laugh!

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