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If you see a worm with a white band around it, kill it

What’s worse than a creepy crawly? A bigger creepy crawly.

In this video, the invasive jumping worms are shown to thrive on all kinds of soil.

The bad part is that they aren’t welcome. These worms are from Asia but are now wreaking havoc all over the Midwest.

There’s no way for nature to help either as these worms aren’t on any predators list. All these jumping worms do is leave destruction in their wake.

They’ll consume what’s in their way, leaving behind altered soil that can no longer retain moisture, lacks nutrients and quickly erodes.

Even the way they move is unnerving. They don’t really “jump” like their name implies. It’s more of a snappy, twisting sort of movement. It’s erratic and eerie all at the same time.

As of 2021, the invaders can be found in Wisconsin, Missouri, Illinois, Iowa, Minnesota, Nebraska, Ohio, Texas, Louisiana, Indiana, Kansas, Indiana, Kentucky, Tennessee and Oklahoma.

If you see them, kill them.

When these worms are done feeding and ruining the soil, all the plants and animals that would normally thrive there have no place to live in.

That’s another problem.

Head on out to your garden and check if these invasive species have made their way to your land.

Brad Herrick, an ecologist at the University of Wisconsin-Madison Arboretum, shares a tip on how to expose these crawlers.

Take some mustard powder, mix it with water then pour it on soil and wait for thirty seconds.

It acts as a skin irritant, and in those few seconds, these worms come crawling out of the soil.

Another way to tell is that these jumping worms have a white ring on their body, close to the head. It’s their “precioussss…”

Here’s another creepy fact about these worms.

The jumping worm’s ability to reproduce without mating, proliferate quickly and lay eggs that resemble the soil are a few qualities that make the worm extremely invasive.

There’s more.

As the worm rapidly depletes topsoil of all nutrients, it outcompetes native fungi species and other non-native worm species.

It’s like a sci-fi movie. Think Aliens.

The problem is that there are no viable methods to control these worms yet. But you can do your part.

“Researchers suggest individuals remove any adult worms they find, place them in a plastic bag, leave them in the sun for at least ten minutes and then throw them away. Experts also suggest that individuals shouldn’t purchase the worms for bait, gardening or composting—and should only buy compost or mulch that has been adequately heated to reduce the spread of egg casings, which do not survive temperatures over 104 degrees Fahrenheit.”

Just a few tips from the experts.

This is the one time everyone is given the green light to remove these destructive pests.

Do your part and eradicate these species. Your garden and the forests around you will thank you later.

If it’s got a ring on it and if it thrashes, it’s time.

Learn more about these jumping worms below!

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