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Il Divo thrills audience with show-stopping multilingual version of “I Will Always Love You”

By now, most people know that the song “I Will Always Love You” belted out by the late Whitney Houston was actually written (and originally performed) by the legendary Dolly Parton.

Each woman sang the song about a different circumstance and in a completely different way, but it’s Houston’s soulful, mind-bendingly powerful version that often sticks in our heads.

Her voice was simply incredible.

Since her version came out on the 1992 soundtrack of The Bodyguard, the song has been largely untouched since it’s so hard to cover properly.

A few have tried at reality singing competitions, but it’s simply too iconic to make one’s own.

So whether or not Il Divo’s cover lives up to either the original or Houston’s version is up for debate. But at the very least it’s unique.

If you don’t know much about the 4-man group, they are most notable for being created by the perpetually cranky and displeased Simon Cowell.

After rejecting countless acts on American Idol and X-Factor, he launched the pop-opera group to stardom after conducting a worldwide search for classically trained singers who could also produce pop songs.

The group is composed of Spaniard Carlos Marin (baritone), Switzerland’s Urs Buhler (tenor), Frenchman Sebastien Izambard (tenor), and American David Miller (tenor).

The foursome released their first self-titled album in 2004.

Because of their international roots, the group has recorded songs in Italian, French, Spanish, and English.

It’s unclear from the video where the performance of “I Will Always Love You,” or in this case “Siempre Te Amaré” – since it’s performed mostly in Spanish – takes place.

We only know it was uploaded in February of 2014 and that the song appeared on Il Divo’s The Greatest Hits album in 2012.

The chorus of the song is performed in English, so if you didn’t get the hint of what they were singing by the melody, it’s undeniable at a certain point.

A commenter favorite on this tune is Carlos Marin, whose sultry voice knocked some socks off.

“This is wonderful, the harmony is perfect and Carlos never puts a note wrong, his beautiful baritone gives wonderful depth to the sound , thank you Il Divo,” said one commenter.

Other kudos for the singer were short and sweet:

“Carlos is a powerhouse.”
“Carlos’ baritone though🤗😍”
“I love to hear il divo but Carlos nailed it at the end.”

Ok, he is by far the most passionate-looking singer in the group – and his voice tends to drown out everyone else’s. We’re fans.

The video has been viewed well over 9 million times in the last 6 years, so this particular live performance of the song was clearly a success.

The song feels wildly different coming from a quartet of men rather than a single female voice.

It’s more of an exhibition of the music and lyrics than a heartfelt declaration of love from one person to another. But no one said that was a bad thing.

In the end, you’ll have to decide for yourself which version really hits home for you.

Be sure to scroll down below to hear Il Divo’s live version. At the very least, we know Carlos knocks it out of the park!

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