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Impatient driver honks at granny crossing the road so she gets hilarious revenge

We all live busy lives. But for some reason, there are people who seem to believe their schedules are way more important than everyone else’s.

You know, all the impatient drivers on the road that will cut you off, honk, and follow you dangerously close (despite the fact that you’re going faster than the speed limit already).

Despite these types of impatient drivers making you mad, it’s a good idea to always keep your cool. However, it doesn’t mean you don’t secretly wish you could give that person the bird!

Well, in the video below, one little old lady gets the ultimate revenge on one of these types of rude motorists – and it’s hilarious!

It seems like just a normal day.

Two skateboards are performing tricks near a not-so-busy intersection and recording themselves. But when they hear the squealing of tires they turn the camera to the street.

A driver is stopped at the intersection in a fancy-looking convertible. He’s dressed in a button-down shirt and looks like maybe he’s the “business type.” And in front of his car is an elderly woman who’s trying to cross the street while carrying a shopping bag.

But does he sit there and patiently wait for her to cross? No.

This woman, from the looks of things, could have been this man’s great-grandmother, but does that stop him from acting annoyed? Nope.

Apparently, his parents didn’t teach him manners, respect or patience, because what this guy does next is inexcusable no matter how many years young the pedestrian is.

He HONKS at her. And not just once, but several times.

That’s not okay.

Not only is honking at pedestrians downright rude but also, considering the woman’s age, it could have been dangerous as well.

The loud noise could have been enough to provoke a heart attack, something most considerate people know.

But it’s obvious that this man is far from considerate, and that he makes it a habit of only thinking of himself.

She may look like a sweet old woman, but it doesn’t mean that grandma is gonna sit back and take it.

Had I seen the incident go down in real life, I might have gotten out of my car and had a word with him, but this lady doesn’t need anyone to defend her honor.

She retorts in an amazingly awesome way that has people laughing and cheering.

What does she do? She takes her shopping bag and hits the front of the guy’s convertible with it.

This grandma’s got some muscles.

She hits the car so forcefully that the rude driver’s airbag pops out.

He looks shocked, embarrassed, and you can hear the skateboarders cracking up in the background.

Granny wins this round for sure!

The video is so funny that it’s been viewed over 5.3 million times. While it’s obviously staged – it’ll still have you rooting for the elderly woman and busting up laughing.

One viewer wrote:

“This will probably be my all-time favorite you tube video”

Another wrote:

“It’s funnier every time I watch it!!!”

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