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Jamie Lee Curtis: “a generation of beauty is being wiped out”

She’s taking a stand.

“Beauty begins the moment you decide to be yourself.” – Coco Chanel

You find the perfect location to take a photo, you pose, and then you begin choosing the right filter to enhance the photo that you just took.

A few minutes later, your post attracts viewers and likes. The more likes, the better, right?

Today, social media and trends have changed how everyone perceives beauty.The sad reality is that if you don’t ‘fit’ in the criteria of beauty, most people opt for cosmetic surgery to ‘fix’ themselves.

But is this really necessary?

What happened to natural beauty? The appreciation of oneself and the confidence from what you have to offer? This topic can spark many debates, but one celebrity has spoken her mind about these “unrealistic beauty” standards that have corrupted millions of people.

Jamie Lee Curtis is known for her timeless beauty and how she has aged gracefully.

In her interview with Fast Company, the stunning 62-year-old actress shared her opinion about plastic surgery.

“The current trend of fillers and procedures, and this obsession with filtering, and the things that we do to adjust our appearance on Zoom are wiping out generations of beauty,” said Curtis in her interview with Fast Company.

Can you believe that even teenagers want to go under the knife just to fit in? From lip fillers, liposuction, breast enhancements to rhinoplasty, people are becoming obsessed with plastic surgery.

Curtis also said that one of the biggest factors is the influence of social media.

At a very young age, kids are already exposed to these unrealistic beauty standards. “It’s like giving a chainsaw to a toddler,” Curtis describes. For children to see their image and not be happy about it, is really sad. What’s next? They would dream of enhancing their nose, their breasts, and then what’s next after these surgeries?

If you start comparing yourself with all those models that you see, you will never be happy with yourself.

Jamie Lee Curtis knows this much because she experienced it herself. Many years ago, a cameraman commented that her eyes were so “puffy”. She felt embarrassed and conscious, and this led her to have a routine surgery.

The surgery made her addicted to Vicodin for 10 years. Now, she said she’s already more than 20 years sober.

This is the reason why she wants the people of this generation to be better. She doesn’t want the new trend of beauty and cosmetic surgery to wipe out the real generation of beauty.

“Once you mess with your face, you can’t get it back,” said Curtis.

Look at yourself and see how beautiful you are. Self-love, self-acceptance starts with you, and you don’t need to change.

We all have different opinions about plastic surgery and the beauty standards of this generation.

While some disagree, there are also many celebrities who share their own experiences with plastic surgery and their positive opinions about it.

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