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Judge Judy Solves Case When Stolen Dog Runs To True Owner

Some would argue that dogs are loyal only because they rely on their owner for food and water.

Sure, that’s part of it, but after seeing a dog be reunited with a long-lost canine friend or human owner after much time has passed, it’s obvious there’s a bond. Dogs don’t forget!

Their memory, sense of smell, instinct to want to bond and be affectionate – all of this adds up to their ability to love unconditionally, and remember who it is they love!

In this enthralling Judge Judy clip, America’s favorite judge ends the court case in a hasty, but honest and revealing way.

The defendant, a woman, bought the cute little white pup in question, Baby Boy, on the street outside a mall for $50.

She bought the puppy and claimed the dog is hers, while the plaintiff, the man, says Baby Boy is his.

While Judge Judy starts to assess the case, she sends a woman on the sidelines to fetch the dog – Judge Judy wants to see who the dog runs to, believing that the person the dog chooses is the owner.

The defendant shows the judge documents from the veterinarian saying the breed and age of the dog.

She also has a health certificate, but Judge Judy isn’t impressed.

The other woman returns carrying the dog into the courtroom, and Judge Judy orders her to “Put the dog down.”

You can hear in the background, a woman’s scared voice saying, “Don’t. Don’t…don’t…” And then you see who the dog goes to!

The courtroom bursts out and everyone claps and cheers. “That’s all. Take the dog home.” Case closed and owner reunited!

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