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Kelly Clarkson joins Josh Groban for heavenly duet from “Phantom of the Opera”

Their voices blend seamlessly. I didn’t want it to come to an end.

There are some performances that can leave your skin covered in goosebumps.

When renowned singers Josh Groban and Kelly Clarkson joined on stage for a Broadway duet – the result was nothing less than magical.

It all took place one evening at Josh Groban’s Stages Live event, which aired as a special on PBS.

The song list was full of memorable pieces from musical theater, including a Phantom of the Opera classic.

Josh Groban has always been a fan of Broadway.

Then came a day where he made his dream a reality by creating the album Stages – featuring a variety of musical hits from the big stage.

On his site he explains:

“Theater and musical theater have always been in my heart. These are songs I’ve wanted to sing since I was in high school.”

One of the tunes Josh covers on his album is The Phantom of the Opera’s “All I Ask of You.” For it, he needed a special songstress to be his Christine. His choice was Kelly Clarkson, who joined him for the duet.

Everyone was in for a spectacular treat when the Stages Live event was announced, allowing fans to see their favorite covers from Josh come to life.

During the performance, he explained to the audience:

“When we were making this record and I was going to record this song, I knew that this duet had to be recorded in a very, very special way. And, it had to be recorded with a very special singer…”

He, of course, was referring to Kelly. Moments later she walked out into the spotlights wearing a gorgeous black dress.

She too is a fan of Broadway, and as it turns out – The Phantom of the Opera was the first musical she ever saw.

“All I Ask of You” is a duet between characters Raoul and Christine Daaé.

Kelly admits to the audience that she had always wanted to play Christine. Because of Josh, she finally got her chance.

After a short opening of instrumentals, Josh finally unleashes his voice. He sings:

“No more talk of darkness – Forget these wide-eyed fears. I’m here, nothing can harm you. My words will warm and calm you…”

It doesn’t take but several lines for Josh to demonstrate what an incredible singer he is – the reason he’s won the hearts of so many. Faces in the crowd can be seen lighting up listening to him perform.

Then Kelly takes over with a voice that spreads chills across the room.

Quickly it becomes obvious that she too has a talent for singing musical theater.

The duo’s chemistry shines through as they go back and forth singing “All I Ask of You.” However, it reaches a whole new level of beauty when Josh and Kelly combine their voices.

It’s a sound that takes your breath away.

Internet users have fallen in love with their Broadway duet. The YouTube video alone has been watched more than five million times.

When it comes to singing “All I Ask of You” with Kelly for his album, Josh told Billboard:

“Whenever you can take a classic song that everybody knows and add a nice surprise to it, that’s always the best thing.

You give people what they weren’t expecting. So I think Kelly and I singing this song is one of those.”

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