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Kids bring uncontrollable giggles when they start shaking hips during Christmas song

This is hilarious from start to finish, especially little guy in the top left corner. 😂

Kids and Christmas go really well together.

This clip is bringing smiles to viewers everywhere and should be a must see every Christmas season for how adorable it is.

Nuns usher the kids out to stage while moms and dads have their cameras ready to record their little ones’ lighting up the holidays.

Adorable children dressed in green are ready to go rock around a Christmas tree, and really, even Ebenezer Scrooge would be smiling after seeing this adorable little dance.

Twenty of the cutest kids are ready!

The opening sequence is the cutest intro to any performance perhaps to date, with the kids swinging their hips left and right to the uptempo beat of “Rockin’ Around The Christmas Tree.”

Now there must be a reason the more energetic kids are up front and center…

No one is totally in sync with some going left and the others swaying right, while some barely move, but that’s okay because they’re just too darn cute, plus it’s Christmas!

A viewer named Betty Houk commented,

“Human beings at this age are so darn cute and lovable ,to bad we can’t stay this sweet and innocent .They make my old heart sing with joy and happiness they are the best of us.”

Ain’t that the truth, Betty.

There are two little boys on the topmost left who look like they could care less about the dance.

Perhaps their thoughts are on what presents they were getting that Christmas.

Or they were just kids being kids.

Imagine them today looking back at this video and getting roasted by their parents. Like chestnuts on an open fire.

We’ve all been there. Lucky if your parents can no longer find copies of your performances.

All those hours of practice usually end up with loads of laughter and occasionally, crying.

And when they grab each other’s hands to sway from side to side? Cute!

You can even see the parents’ heads swaying from side to side too.

Whether they were doing it intentionally or subconsciously is anyone’s guess.

The little boy on the top left has barely moved since the dance began, by the way.

He must have been having a bad day, the poor kid. Those nuns should have given him candy or something.

Here’s a cool moment in the comments section though,

“Oh my goodness! I’m the little girl with the bangs at the beginning of the video. Seeing this just immediately blew me back.

I’m 16 now and entering my junior year of high school, and so much has changed since then. I can’t believe I even found this video. Funny enough, im majoring in performing arts now!”

Her name is Arianna Leigh.

Somebody ask her what happened to the other kids!

It’s just the most adorable and hilarious Christmas dance.

Even the parents are at it, dancing along with their kids. There must have been so much food on Christmas eve for those kids!

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