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kids who tried their best but failed in hilarious fashion

When it comes to taking tests, kids are some of the most creative people that we know.

They always come up with the best answers, even if those answers aren’t always correct.

The kids on this list tried their hardest, but ultimately, failed in a hilarious fashion.

Even the parents and teachers were laughing about their mistakes!

From mislabeled animals to fart jokes gone wrong, these awesome students know exactly how to make us laugh.

Although, as far as good grades go, there is still plenty of work to be done.

1. One Answer

When in doubt, some kids try using the universal answer. From a Christian perspective, it is totally correct. From a mathematic perspective though, not so much.

2. Write Or

Greater than or less than comparisons might seem like common sense to adults. Not to this kid though. Yet, in a roundabout away, the student basically managed to get every answer correct.

3. Botany Class

This wise student came to the correct conclusion. The daisy is indeed a plant. However, the explanation as to why they decided that wasn’t exactly what the teacher was looking for.

4. Logical Drawing

The math portion of this currency question went very smoothly. However, when it came to showing their thinking, the student took it literally. They drew a picture that showed their reasoning process.

5. The Space

Here we have a student that really deserves some bonus stars. They went way above and beyond with their answer. Not only did they draw the square and the triangle, but they also drew “the space”.

6. Delicious Brain

When it comes to brains, we don’t normally think of them as being appetizing. However, when asked to describe a brain, that’s the conclusion that this kid came to. It’s an answer that we would expect from a zombie, not an elementary school student.

7. White Out Strategy

If you don’t know the answer to a question, one interesting strategy is to pretend that the question doesn’t exist. Maybe the teacher will forget about it. You can increase your odds of success by hiding it with white out.

8. Heroic Dad

According to this student, his dad only has one real fear. It’s not what you would expect. It has nothing to do with any of the typical fears that people first think of such as spiders or heights.

9. Good Advice

If we could go back in time and talk to Abraham Lincoln, we would have plenty of things to say to him. However, this student took the cake with her response. She chose to offer up the former president a sage piece of advice.

10. Lonely Cells

Biology class presents some interesting topics to discuss. For example, the first cells of life. What sort of experience did they have?

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