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Kitten struggles to climb up the stairs – German Shepherd walks up and lends a paw

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If most people saw a German Shepherd approach a kitten, they’d get worried for the kitten’s safety.

But these animals’ owners knew that the dog was a friendly, gentle soul.

German Shepherds. They’re protective, fearsome and love kittens.

One of those three things you probably don’t associate as normal German Shepherd behavior.

But in some cases, it’s true. Tennyson is one of those kitten loving dogs.

Whenever Tennyson’s owner would walk the dog, she saw that he’d always want to interact with any cat that crossed his path.

But instead of snarling, the dog would let out an excited shriek and smile. Clearly, Tennyson just wanted to cuddle the cats.

One day, Tennyson’s owner heard of a stray kitten that had been rescued.

It desperately needed a home. The owner called up the rescue organization and said that she could take her in.

When the shelter volunteers asked if the owner already had any pets, they were shocked to hear her say that she had a German Shepherd.

But the owner explained that Tennyson was a softie and would love nothing more than to nurture and protect a kitten.

The shelter tentatively agreed to let Tennyson’s owner take the kitten in. But to be sure, they wanted to see how Tennyson would act around the kitten first.

When the volunteer arrived, she was at first worried about the kitten.

Tennyson approached the kitten rapidly.

But instead of harming the animal, Tennyson started licking the kitten’s fur, immediately being protective of the animal.

Over the following days, Tennyson and the kitten’s owner would end up seeing so many heartwarming sights.

Luckily, she was able to capture the cutest moment on camera.

The video begins with Tennyson and the kitten at the bottom of the house’s stairs.

The dog walks up them, and the kitten tries to follow. But the steps are so high that the kitten struggles to climb them.

Then Tennyson decides to give his new family member some assistance.

At first, the kitten resists, not understanding what’s happening.

Tennyson opens his mouth and puts the kitten’s head in it.

To most people, this would look terrifying. But Tennyson’s owner knows there’s nothing to fear.

Tennyson then lifts the kitten up with his jaw.

He walks to the top of the stairs and then gently places the kitten down on the upstairs hallway.

Tennyson then gives the kitten a little kiss, and they enjoy the view. What an amazing animal Tennyson is. If only all dogs could be like him!

Since this footage appeared on YouTube, it’s become a huge hit.

Clearly, Tennyson and the kitten have cheered up so many people. The world needs to see more videos like this!

Some dog breeds are more likely than others to get along with cats.

American Kennel Club states that basset hounds, beagles, bulldogs, Cavalier King Charles Spaniels, collies, golden retrievers, labrador retrievers, Papillions and pugs are the most likely breeds to get along with cats.

But as this video demonstrates, some dog breeds that typically don’t get along with cats have exceptions to the rule.

It just shows that you should never judge a book by its cover.

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