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Large bear wandering in family home gets hilariously chased out by two tiny dogs

The Muellers have a beautiful home ini the Pasadena hillside so naturally, they installed security cameras around the place.

You never know how crazy some people are. But they never counted on that intruder being a bear.

Cameras captured the bear entering their home from the back, where the family gathers for barbecue and beer.

The young bear takes a drink from the small pond then makes his way in to the house via the open kitchen door.

A bear in the kitchen. How cartoonish do you want it?

The bear’s instincts seem to be telling him to look for food so it’s only natural for him to sniff around.

He looks to be on the skinny side too. Poor creature never got the chance to show us if he’s smarter than the average bear.

He disappears from the camera for awhile before loud yapping emerges from the living room where two terriers proceed to sound the alarm.

These two crazy dogs give chase to the bear, with the latter making a beeline for the exit. He was much, much larger than those two dogs and he could have torn them apart if he wanted to.

Whatever it is those two dogs sniffed and ate worked for them.

LAGreg123 commented,

“‘It’s not the size of the dog in the fight, it’s the size of the fight in the dog.” I have terriers, they’re crazy and fearless.”

Yeah but… If a huge man entered your home, would you have the guts to attack them? Without a weapon of course.

It is pretty common for wild animals to enter homes, especially in places close to forests and mountains.

So you’d think the Muellers would have gotten bigger dogs. But these terriers did the trick!

And to add insult to the bear’s ego, the dogs’ names are Squirt and Mei Mei.

Cute. Imagine that bear going back to the forest, telling his story to the other animals only for them to laugh at him for running away from a Squirt and a Mei Mei who were but the size of his head. Or less.

Another viewer says,

“Bear was just curious. cant blame him. its a nice house.he should have raided the fridge and got out. thats all that matters. food FTW!”

Free food is too good a temptation to pass up.

Those terriers went on full rage mode though. It’s like they’re part of a video game as characters that have just powered up and unlocked new powers. Get ready to fight the boss!

Poor bear probably just came out of hibernation. Must have been sleepy and disoriented and he was just looking for coffee and a snack. Those terriers are bad for business. No cafe in here!

Deedee Mueller says the bear actually peed itself when Squirt and Mei Mei gave chase. How em-bear-assing!

It will wear off in a few hours and when those dogs come to, they’ll realize they just did something that they’ll probably never do again. But let’s hope they still do.

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