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Learn How To Make A Zero-Upkeep Mini Garden For Your Home

Do you love having a touch of green in your home, but your green thumb isn’t as cultivated as you like? Maybe there’s a corner of your house that simply doesn’t get enough light to grow potted plants, but it would just be so much better with a little bit of the outdoors to spruce the place up.

For the longest time, I couldn’t get any plants to grow in my apartment. Maybe it was the light, or maybe it was just the bad mojo between me and my roommates, but every plant I brought in either died all together or struggled to thrive. It was so disappointing to see all of my greenery die off like that, even though I was doing everything I could to keep them alive.

If only I’d seen this project before I moved into the apartment!

This miniature garden can bring the outdoors in with zero chances of plant fatality… because this miniature garden is made of styrofoam, fake moss, and some adorable miniature figurines.

The best part is that it’s incredibly easy to put together, and you only need a few cheap supplies to get the job done!

The folks at Blitsy decided to use a tiny bench, a mini frog, and a watering hole to spruce up their faux garden, but you can use whatever you like. Use your imagination and personalize this little scene to fit your personality.

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