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Little foal goes bonkers in the ring and steals the spotlight at horse show

This is Blitz. He didn’t quite get the message about how to behave in the ring during an educational segment at the annual Horse World Expo back in 2010.

The event took place in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, and Blitz’s time to shine happened during a segment called the Parade of Breeds, “an educational presentation giving visitors a glimpse of many magnificent breeds.”

There are some requirements to fulfill, but anyone can bring a horse in the ring as long as the presentation is “educational and presented in a professional manner.” In addition, “Horses should be well-schooled and under the control of the rider at all times.”

Clearly, Blitz failed to sign that paperwork.

The spotlight was meant for Blitz’s mom, a gorgeous female Haflinger (also known as an Avelignese).

If the goal was to educate people on the manners of a baby horse, then we’d call the presentation a success. Otherwise, we have to question why the 21-day-old foal was there at all.

He’s a wild, gangly little thing, but he gave everyone a good laugh by shunning the rules and going berzerk in the ring as his mother pranced around proudly. (Perhaps she was ignoring his antics completely.)

“Just a typical toddler with too much energy, and learning what them legs can do,” noted one viewer.

From the minute the trio enters the ring, Blitz is off on his own, looking like he has a mighty case of the equine zoomies!

His little jump at :19 seconds in gets the crowd on his side almost immediately. It’s like he’s saying “MOM, look what I can do!”

Mom has already had enough.

“I’m sure that haflinger mom feels like a human mom when her kid is acting up during a church service or something,” noted a commenter.

Sadly, the picture quality is poor, but viewing the video lets you see just how silly things get when Blitz goes solo.

Because he’s less than a month old, he’s always keenly aware of where his mother is.

And he takes some time to prance beside and around her as well.

Well, until he jumps on her, that is.

No doubt it’s his first time in the ring and he doesn’t know what’s going on. But he seems encouraged by the cheers.

“You can tell the pony wants to hit the gas at full throttle but doesn’t want to leave mom. But he’s happy just doing burnout’s around them,” guessed one woman.

Some commenters were worried that Blitz might have been scared of all the noise, but that doesn’t seem to be the case.

“I was a bit worried at first that the foal was actually frightened. But he has his ears cocked most of the time and does indeed seem to be simply full of energy,” said one viewer.
It seems much more likely that mom is just raising a little prima donna! And we can’t help but smile since it really looks like he’s having a blast out there.

He’s certainly going to sleep well after that!

Be sure to scroll down below to see Blitz’s hilarious first time in the ring.

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