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Little Southern boy gives grandpa hilarious country directions

Language and accents are some of the most interesting things in the world.

The fact that people can tell what part of the world you grew up in simply because of the way you pronounce certain words is both interesting and funny.

For most people, accents are a source of pride and a special form of communication.

The American South is special in regards to its accent.

The southern accent is one of the most noticeable in America.

It’s been featured in books and films and has established itself with the likes of farmers, laborers, and other working-class people from the south.

A “good ol’ southern boy” is sure to have one of these accents.

It’s that trademark drawl.

What makes a Southern Accent unique is the shortening of many words and the way it drawls.

For example, instead of saying “you all”, “y’all” works just fine. It’s fascinating to hear and for tourists, gets them in to that American spirit.

Listen to this little boy who has a thick southern accent.

There are folks with accents so thick that others struggle to even understand them.

It can be hilariously entertaining when two people try to communicate with different histories and accents.

For this little boy, the act of simply explaining some directions has gotten the whole world laughing.

This kid is hilarious when “Giving Directions in Country”.

“Country” is another word for someone who speaks with a Southern accent and this kid has a thick one!

He cuts the perfect image for a little country boy who runs around in the rain with his cap and boots on. When he starts talking, he completes the picture.

“I weent down ther’ last week”

The kid is Jake Boone and starts rambling on for a while before he starts giving “directions”.

While difficult to put into words and read, the way he speaks is comforting and cute, all at the same time.

Some people may need subtitles for this deep south rural accent.

Growing up in the south is one way to understand what the boy is saying.

When the man (probably his dad) asks Jake how to get to Briar Creek, little Jake launches into a full explanation of how to get there country style.

The directions are complicated even more by the fact that Jake is a little kid!

It can be tough to understand a deep southern accent! He starts the directions off by saying (translated):

“You turn on the left and go right straight to Brar Creek. Then you get on the six-mile road and then you turn back on the one mile.

You know, uh, Briar Creek Road, turn onto the six-mile and go back to where you were at. Then you go on one mile, to this mile, then you go back. “

Jake should voice one of those map apps for drivers.

You can’t fault little Jake for his attempt to explain to us how to get to Briar Creek, but we can thank him for a wonderful minute and a half where we got to listen to a hilarious story from a little kid with a southern accent.

Check out the adorable video of Jake below!

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