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Loving Family Adopts Senior Neighbor As “Honorary Grandpa”

Being family doesn’t always have to mean being related by blood. Friends who share the same values and are there for us through thick and thin also deserve to be called “family”.

Meet The Caraballo Family

he Caraballo family just moved to a new neighborhood in March 2022, and they were all excited but nervous about meeting new neighbors.

How A Friendship Started

Sharaine and her husband Wilson were working on their new house one day when their neighbor, 82-year-old Paul Callahan, offered help by lending them a ladder.

The Rest Is History

Since then, the Caraballos have always invited Paul to their family events. The old man has formed special bonds with the couple’s children.

An “Honorary” Grandpa

In no time, Paul was already part of the family. He’s considered the “honorary” grandpa of the kids, and he loves spending time with them, bringing trinkets for them whenever he comes over.

He Was Lonely

Paul’s life became brighter when the Caraballos arrived. In fact, 6 weeks prior to their move-in, Paul’s wife sadly passed away, leaving him alone and grieving.

They’re Family

Now that he has people to call family, he’s become so much happier, and the Caraballos are also overjoyed to have someone as sweet as Paul be part of their family.

He’s A Grandpa

Paul acts like the eldest parent in the family. He helps Sharaine and Wilson with issues they face upon moving to their new home and offers them advice that helps them easily adjust to the neighborhood.

He’s A Perfect Fit

When Sharaine asked Paul what drew him to their family, he said he was a very social person who grew up around lots of kids. He said, “That’s how I grew up. My house was always where everybody hung out.”

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