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Loyal Dog Waits By His Owner’s Empty Hospital Bed, Not Realizing That The Man Is Gone Forever

Dogs are man's best friend, and for some dogs, their loyalty continues even when their owners are no longer alive.

Moose is a 3-year-old Lab mix in New Jersey. His owner recently died in the hospital, turning Moose into an orphaned pup.

Poor Moose sat by the hospital bed for a while, loyally waiting for his owner to return. Someone captured the touching moment in a photo, and it's so heartbreaking that it went viral.

NorthStar Pet Rescue and Eleventh Hour Rescue both posted the photo on Facebook, hoping that it would help attract a new family for Moose.

One glance at this picture, and you can tell what a loyal, loving pup he is.

"He’s a sweet happy boy by nature," the caption said. "He just needs people to help his heart heal."

"Let's mend this broken heart, together."

People couldn't get enough of Moose's touching story.

Saying goodbye to a pet isn't easy, and the process isn't any easier when things are the other way around.

It's hard to prove whether or not dogs "grieve" in the human sense of the word because they can't communicate their feelings to us out loud, but it's very clear that they're affected by the deaths of their companions.

Pet owners often notice their dogs seem down or anxious when a companion goes away or dies. The animals might become clingy, disinterested, or lethargic.

Studies show that similar areas of dogs' brains light up when they're feeling parallel emotions to those of humans, according to American Kennel Club.

"Dogs are highly intuitive and sensitive, more than people give them credit for," Jme Thomas, executive director of Motley Zoo Animal Rescue, told the AKC.

Sometimes, dogs make their grief extremely clear to the point that it's heartbreaking to watch.

After Moose, a 3-year-old Lab mix, lost his dad, he sat patiently by the hospital bed and stared out the window.

Moose ended up at a local pet rescue in Rockaway Township, New Jersey.

The rescue posted his photo and story in hopes of finding Moose a new home for the rest of his days.

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