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Mama Giraffe Gives Birth

Giving life is considered one of the most beautiful things that any human being could ever imagine.

It’s the joining of two souls to create a person that will grow up to learn, live, love—just like all of us do.

And while being a parent may be one of the hardest things to do, it is entirely rewarding at the end of the day.

So, when we hear of friends or family members that are pregnant or that have given birth, we feel elated and sincerely excited for them.

After all, babies are completely adorable. But it’s not just human babies that are cute!

Humans and animals alike are too lovely for words when they’re tiny.

Like this little baby giraffe that slowly shows signs of life after having been born.

In the video below, that was filmed in 2008, you’ll see a mother giraffe named Sarabi in the final stages of giving birth.

She walks about the Memphis Zoo in Tennessee carefully, awaiting her child to enter the world. It is early in the morning, 7 a.m to be exact, and of course mother giraffe is exhausted.

Suddenly, her baby is born. The infant lies on the ground, very still, and its mother slowly touches and licks her new born child.

Slowly but surely, the little one begins to move. After a little while, you see it attempt to stand up and after a few failed attempts—it suddenly stands up alongside its mom.

It is truly one of the most amazing things you may ever see—that is, the gift of life!

If you’re a giraffe fan, a mother, or even someone that appreciates the beauty of nature and new life, be sure to share this stunning video with your family and friends.

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