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Man breaks down when he’s reunited with dog he’s been searching for 4 years

He never stopped searching for his dog for four years. When they were reunited, you can feel all the emotion in that room.

For most of us, our pets (especially dogs) are our best friends.

We look forward to going home and seeing them wait for us, eager to greet their hooman – that’s aside from our kids, of course (if you have one). They know when we have a bad day and offer us their cuddles and smooches.

However, for Mike Plas, his dog was more than his best friend.

He considered Jack as a brother. He said that his fur brother was always there for him, that he was never without him.

So, imagine Mike’s heartbreak when he lost Jack.

He said that he tied Jack outside his father’s house one day. After a few hours, he told his mom to check on him, only to find out he was gone. He was able to break free out of his collar, too. He was devastated.

Mike had no idea where Jack would possibly go.

A part of him thought the wolves might have got him (since there were wolves around where he lived). However, he had a feeling he wasn’t gone. He told CBC News that Jack would sometimes run to a neighbor’s house, but he’d often go back home.

Mike searched for Jack wherever he went.

Whenever he’s around his father’s house, he would look at every corner of every home, hoping Jack would show up. For long years and he never gave up on his fur brother. He knew deep inside that he’d find him one day.

Four years later, Jack received a call while at work one Thursday afternoon.

The caller asked for his name and if he had a Husky named Jack. He said yes and told the caller that he had lost him four years ago. The caller said they were very sure they got him and checked if he was chipped. Fortunately, he was, and that led him to Mike.

Mike drove all the way to Centennial Animal Hospital in Manitoba.

The hospital staff said that Jack was stolen from Thunder Bay in Ontario. They don’t know how he ended up on Pembina Highway, where a driver picked him up and took the initiative to bring Jack to the animal hospital.

Their reunion was one of the most emotional the hospital witnessed.

The moment Jack saw Mike, he just went near him, whimpered, and cried happy tears. Mike couldn’t help but break down, too. It was clear that the little one was happy about their reunion because he couldn’t stop wagging his tail as Mike hugged him.

Mike couldn’t believe that after four long years of searching, Jack was in his arms again.

“I think, eventually, everything would go back to normal. I couldn’t take my eyes off him right now. I just couldn’t believe he’s here,” he said in an interview with CBC News.

He said that he knew Jack would remember him.

Indeed, this reunion showed the bond Mike had with Jack. Even after all those years of being apart, he still recognized his ‘brother’ and was happy to see him. Jack was glad that Mike never gave up on searching for him; Mike, too, was glad he never did.

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