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Man climbs 19-story building to save his bedridden mom from an apartment fire

There is nothing a mother won’t do for her children, and it’s heartwarming to know that it goes both ways, too.

Children, happy-go-lucky as they may be, show just how much they love and appreciate their moms in ways unexpected.

Some write letters, paint pictures, and buy gifts. Some are generous with hugs and kisses. Some have the sweetest words.

And some? They risk their lives.

One son put everything on the line to come to his mother’s rescue.

When a fire broke out at the 19-story Westpark Apartments, Jermaine received a call from his sister who frantically told him their bed-ridden mom couldn’t leave her apartment, which was on the 15th floor of the building.

Jermaine, a former roofer and construction worker, immediately rushed to the scene.

When he arrived, the thirty-five-year old tried to enter through the front door but police stopped him from entering.

“They said the elevators are not working. I said, ‘No problem. I’ll take the steps.

I just want to make sure my mother – my mother is sick, she’s bed-ridden. So I need to get up there.

They were like, ‘We can’t let you in.’ I took it upon myself because that’s my mother.

There’s no limits. That’s my mother.”

Before the authorities knew it, Jermaine was already beginning to scale the balconies.

No one expected him to make his way up that fast. It was unbelievable.

“When I grabbed a gate, at the top of the gate, there was a ledge.

Then I could step on top of the ledge and reach up to the other gate, and keep climbing my way up.”

Amazingly, Jermaine was able to make it all the way to his mom, Sheila’s balcony.

Surprised at seeing her son, the mom’s first instinct was to reassure him that she was doing fine and that the fire was contained.

Instead of reprimanding him for risking his life and climbing 15 stories, Sheila understood that it was only natural for her son to go through such lengths for her. Jermaine recalled,

“She was more shocked. She’s not surprised by the things that I do for her. She knows I’ll go over and beyond for her.”

After assessing the situation and making sure everything was okay, Jermaine made his way down the building.

Anticipating an arrest from the authorities as he stepped on the ground, he shared how an encounter with a police officer went.

“He told me if I didn’t leave I was going straight to jail. Because that was his job.

But, he actually did cut me a break. He understood the circumstances, he knew – when your adrenaline is pumping, and your mom is up there, you thinking she’s dying – you’d do anything you can.”

If you think what Jermaine did was heroic, wait until you hear that he scaled the walls with a broken hip!

The accident happened on the same day as the fire. He fell and cracked his hip on the stairs.

It was adrenaline that allowed him to effortlessly make his way up to his mom’s apartment.

There truly is nothing in the world quite like the love of a son for his mother.

Watch the video below for the whole story.

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