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Man constructs 300,000 gallon swimming pool for family and it looks like a lake

When you think of backyard pools, you probably imagine the traditional rectangular-shaped inground pool.

Most people don’t have room for anything bigger and more lavish than this – and as the size increases, so does the price.

The price of a standard inground pool ranges from $35,000 to a whopping $90,000.

Not many people could buy a swimming pool on a whim. But if you choose to build your own pool, you can do so for at least ten percent of the price.

Of course, building an inground pool from scratch is no easy work. But with the right tools and know-how, you can make a really good job of it.

Jerry and Marina Leussink, a Canadian couple, know all about the hard work that goes into building a pool.

The Leussink’s pool is so huge that it can accommodate activities like boat rowing.
Jerry and Marina own a farm, so they’ve got a bit more land to spare than most of us.

Their home is a great place for friends and family to visit in the summer months, making the most of the free space and the outdoor air.

At the farm, there was everything anyone could want – apart from a pool.
So Jerry decided it was time to build one – and he didn’t do it by halves.

In fact, the finished pool ended up being 1.2 million liters when full, measuring 90 by 70 feet. In places, it gets up to 14-feet deep.

A pool so big and deep needs to be properly maintained, and Jerry made sure of that.

He added a 30-millimeter poly liner for safety purposes, and uses a pump to rotate the water and chlorine for keeping the water clean.

Because Jerry’s pool is in his own home, his guests get the private VIP experience. They don’t have to share the pool with other members of the public, and they can stay at the pool whenever – and for however long – they want.

Over time, Jerry has added new additions to the pool, like a sandbox and a patio dancefloor.

It’s clear that Jerry has put a lot of love and thought into his swimming pool design. Nobody could commit to such a big job on their own without having a picture of all the fun, happy times to be had as motivation.

The pool is fully child-friendly, and there’s plenty to do for kids and adults alike.

Being Canadian, Jerry’s guests know the importance of making the most of the summer sun, and many long days are spent at the poolside.

When the sun goes down, Jerry’s guests have room to camp nearby and light bonfires or barbecues.

It sounds like complete bliss – and Jerry is certainly a lucky man to have enough land to turn such a large space into his own pool.

Learn more about Jerry’s unique invention in the video below!

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