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Man Plants Trees In The Same Spot Every Day. 37 Years Later, Here’s What It Looks Like

Ever since 1979, Jadav Payeng has been preoccupied with a strange mission. He has wanted to plan trees and plant trees he did. But because he added a new one to his grove every day for nearly four decades, he has single handily planted a forest bigger than Central Park in Manhattan.

Because he was dedicated and persistent, the arborist has managed to transform an eroding wasteland into a tropical paradise. Not only is his sanctuary appreciated by human visitors, more than 115 elephants, rhinoceroses, deer, and tigers call the 550-hectare forest their home.

Payeng dreamed about restoring his home island of Majuli and the neighboring Jorhat. Because the beautiful forest, that once covered them, had been cut down and destroyed, he wanted to plant it back and give the next generations on the planet the chance to see the beauty that he grew up loving.

Because agriculture and human influence destroyed the natural beauty of Majuli and Jorhat, the only way to restore its pristine beauty was by hand – one tree at a time.

Although almost everyone told him that he was a fool to try to build a rainforest by himself, he failed to listen to them. Instead of allowing the naysayers to trample on his dream, every day for 37 years he went out and planted a tree – now he has created a forest that animals and humans alike can enjoy.

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