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Man Tries To Adopt Pit Bull From Shelter, But Dog Won’t Leave Without His Best Friend

Almost everything in life is better when you have a best friend with you. This is a fact for dogs as well as humans.

This story proves that dogs form incredibly strong friendships with each other. In fact, they can be just as close as humans.

Merrill and Taco met under difficult circumstances. But thanks to each other, they were able to get through it and into a much better place

On the surface, the two dogs look very different. Merrill is a pit bull. Taco is a chihuahua. But they are both incredibly loving animals.

They first met when they were brought to Rocket Dog Rescue Center within days of each other.

Neither dog really understood where they were or what they were doing there. At first, it was incredibly scary for them.

But they both snuggled up together. Then, over the coming days, they would play. Then they started sharing food. Soon, they became completely inseparable.

However, something strange was happening to Merrill.

He started moving really slow. He stopped eating. Whereas before he was a happy pup, now he seemed completely depressed.

Taco still spent a lot of time around Merrill, but he could tell that something was wrong with his best friend.

Taco kept on alerting the shelter volunteers to Merrill. It was as if he were always saying to them “Look, something’s up with Merrill. You have to help!”

So the shelter volunteers took Merrill to the vet. Taco came along for the ride, for emotional support.

At the vet, the volunteers discovered that Merrill needed surgery fast.

Soon, Merrill went under the knife. This was obviously a scary experience, but Taco knew that he could help Merrill through it.

At first, the volunteers tried to keep Taco and Merrill separate leading up to the operation.

But whenever they took the two dogs away, they would both cry and cry. And the only thing that would stop the crying was bringing them back together.

So Taco watched over Merrill’s operation.

Luckily, the surgery went well. Merrill had to stay in the clinic for a couple of days. Taco stayed with him, ensuring that Merrill had a happy recovery.

When Merrill returned to the shelter, the dog was acting very much like his old self.

He was playing, eating and doing everything he used to do.

But then came another test of Merrill and Taco’s friendship.

A potential adopter came into the shelter. He was looking at all the options, and eventually, he fell in love with Merrill.

He said he was going to adopt Merrill. But when the shelter volunteers came to take Merrill out of the cage, they found that he was just clinging on to Taco with all of his strength,

Eventually, Merrill tucked Taco underneath his arms. Clearly, Merrill wasn’t going anywhere without his bestie.

The man who wanted to adopt Merrill saw the whole thing. Eventually, he told to volunteers to stop trying to separate Merrill and Taco. He had decided to take them both home.

Merrill and Taco were both dancing for joy the entire car ride home.

And now they’re both together with their new dad. Every day, the two dogs still sleep in the same bed, play together and share food.

The only difference is that now they have a loving human and much more space!

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