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Man unexpectedly comes upon his missing huskies during a pet adoption photoshoot

Many dog owners think of their pets like family.

So, when they go missing, it can leave a void in their life.

What is even more devastating is losing a pet without a microchip.

In such cases, it is hard to determine who a homeless animal might belong to.

Of course, the universe could intervene and make such a reunion possible.

That is what happened to one Florida man after he lost his pets and had little hope of ever seeing them again.

When Sandy Hernandez of Miami, Florida lost his two Siberian husky puppies he was devastated.

He lost his beloved dogs on a Friday after they jumped the fence in the backyard.

Once they were over the fence, their wanderlust took over and they soon found themselves lost and far from home.

Looking for his two dogs

As soon as Hernandez found out his two puppies, named Ragnar and Kloud, were missing, he began to search for them.

He even had flyers printed out to put out in his neighborhood.

Worst of all, the two dogs did not have A microchip, which might have made finding them a little easier.

Then fortune struck and he was given a tip. Someone had found the dogs and taken them to a local shelter the day before.

Frantic, Hernandez jumped in his car to go and retrieve them.

Meanwhile, the shelter had decided to do a photoshoot at the shelter to raise awareness for strays and rescues in the city.

Hearing a familiar voice

As the phot crew took pictures of the shelter and the dogs located there, they decided to take some pictures of two beautiful huskies that had been brought to the shelter the day before.

It was as they were taking the dogs’ photos that Hernandez arrived.

He recognized his dogs as he pulled up, and not even waiting to park his car, jumped out to run to them.

On a video of the photoshoot, you can hear a car pull up and someone exclaiming, “Those are my dogs!”

A tearful reunion

Then you see Hernandez run-up at a full sprint and immediately going down to one knee to hug the pair.

In tears, Hernandez buries his face in their fur, overcome with emotion.

Eventually, Hernandez was able to compose himself, park his car, and take Ragnar and Cloud home.

Getting them microchipped

Hernandez also had his two dogs microchipped so that the next time they wandered off; he would be more easily able to find him.

As for Ragnar and Cloud, they were just happy to just be reunited with their dad.

You can watch the sweet reunion in the video below.

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