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Massive Belgian horse hears owner’s whistle and sprints into adorable and majestic run

The challenge has been laid down and willfully accepted. It’s the “Call Your Horse Like A Boss” Challenge and it’s amazing to see who can do it.

And it’s a site to see when the challenge is performed with such a majestic horse.

This video shows the perfect execution of the challenge.

The horse is way off yonder in the pasture and the rider blows just one whistle.

Then we wait and see if the horse will come.

The challenge is a simple one, but in its simplicity, the difficulty is shown through what kind of connection the horse has with his rider.

The connection between horse and rider is a very special relationship.

The rider must trust the horse and the horse must trust the rider. We’re talking about riding on the back of an animal that can weigh 1,200 pounds.

The “Call Your Horse Like a Boss” Challenge has one simple rule: Call your horse with no tricks, treats, toys, or food. Just your voice or whistle or however you call your horse, that’s it.

It’s a challenge when you don’t have your toolbox of tricks to get your horse to comply, and you only have one chance to do it.

That’s right, call your horse once and wait to see if he or she complies.

The horse in this video is a beauty.

So not only are we going to see if the horse and rider have a special bond, but we’re looking at a special horse as well.

The setting is spectacular as the horse grazes on a cool and crisp morning in its wide-open range.

Some of us are wondering what breed of horse is that? It looks more like a tank than a horse.

With it’s larger than life stature, powerfully flowing mane, and wooly legs, this horse is a sight to see.

The Belgian Draft Horse is known as one of the strongest breeds of horse.

The largest measuring in at 17 hands and weighing around 2,000 pounds, this horse is a behemoth.

Wikipedia describes the breed’s characteristics as:

“Belgian Draft’s have straight or slightly concave profiles; short and muscular necks; powerful loins; short, broad backs; heavily muscled gaskins; medium-sized hooves with lean and strong legs with some amount of feathering.”

So now we know the size and stature of this Belgian Draft, we can understand the importance of the horse and rider bond.

If the bond is weak, this horse could crush you with one look.

Wondering how this challenge will suss itself out? So the rider gives one whistle, and the Belgian Draft hears the call.

Then there’s a waiting period. Maybe he’s busy doing horse things, like thinking and checking out the lay of his land.

After this moment of deliberation, the horse heeds the call and begins the trek over to the rider. This horse has a graceful form with the gallop.

The Belgium Draft strides across the pasture and makes a cinematic journey to its master.

If you can’t imagine the movie music that could accompany such a voyage then you can find a link to this same video, with “Epic Musik,” in the video description.

YouTubers are in love with this Belgian Draft. The comments keep flowing in.

“That’s one majestic horse.”

“This is no horse, this is a tank.”

“Oh, he’s beautiful. Just stunning. You can tell he’s well cared for.”

Here’s the perfect quote that sums up this bond between horse and rider, it comes from an unknown author:

“Not everyone can hear the silent language between a horse and a rider, not everyone can trust their own lives with a 1200 pound animal, not everyone has the guts, blood, sweat, tears and dedication needed to be a part of this world.

But, equestrians are no ordinary people; and horses are no ordinary animals.

The only one who truly understands the world are those who are a part of it.”

No food, tricks, nor treats were needed. And the love and trust between horse and rider are presented beautifully.

Not only is the horse majestic and the setting is cinematic, but the horse complies after hearing only one whistle.

Check out the video below to see one of the greatest “Call Your Horse Like a Boss” challenges.

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