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Massive peacock opens his feathers and garners over 7.5M views

When you know you’re beautiful, and when you see people watching you, flaunt it.

It’s no different from models who strut their stuff amidst all the lights and cheers. Or bodybuilders flexing and posing on stage.

Such displays of vanity further attracts others.

Friendly flirting ensues and perhaps even courtship starts.

No different from the animal world.

Charles Darwin caused quite a stir when he wrote and released “The descent of man, and selection in relation to sex“, where he claimed that animals selected their mates according to “the taste for the beautiful“.

But if you watch animals, they really do pull out all the stops when selecting a partner. Or at least someone to carry offspring.

It is always the strongest, the most beautiful, the healthiest, and the dominant who wins.

Quit peacocking and watch this peacock.

This was at the San Diego Zoo where a lone peacock found himself strolling around with others.

That tail and those feathers make up more than sixty percent of the bird’s total body length.

That tail can spread out in a distinctive train where colorful markings that look like eyes are displayed for all to see. They can go from blue to red, to gold and other hues.

Want to see it?

This peacock walks about then stops as he sees people gathering around him. Now no one knows if the bird felt threatened or flattered but the bird is a showman.

He shakes about then raises his tail and displays his gorgeous tail feathers. That’s a collective “Wow!”

“Lmao, he’s just showing off. Notice that he turns so everyone can see his front.”

Says a viewer. Got that right!

He’s sexy and he knows it!

The beautiful blue bodied bird shakes and spins slowly, making sure everyone gets an eyeful of his magnificence. But look how massive that tail is. And those colors!

Another viewer named Maria commented,

“The fact he turned around so everyone could see him, he KNOWS he is a king.”

This bird would love to have his own social media account.

Females are believed to choose their mates according to the size, color, and quality of those flamboyant tails.

It’s probably similar to a 9-5 guy in a Honda Civic or a successful businessman in a Bentley. You get the idea.

These birds are ground feeders, choosing to feed on insects, plants, and small creatures.

Humans have kept peacocks as pets as you can imagine they would be walking accessories to any household. Nothing says good taste like a pet peacock.

Peacocks were also engraved on royal thrones as they were seen as guardian to royalty in Persia and Babylonia.

These birds are all about extravagance. Such a cocky peacock. Wonder how many likes he gets? Such a ham.

Watch this beautiful bird call attention to himself in the video below!

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