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Matteo Bocelli follows in his father’s footsteps with haunting duet of Elvis Presley classic

When you’re a singer of the caliber of the legendary Andrea Bocelli, it’s no wonder you influence the people around you.

Famous within the confines of the opera world at first, he became a household name in 1998 after his duet with Celine Dion, titled “The Prayer.”

Known for being a good guy, a loving father, and an epic operatic tenor, Bocelli appears to have passed on his love of performing – and performing with others – to his children.

He has two sons (with a previous partner) and a daughter with his wife Veronica Berti (who is also his manager).

And while the couple works hard to instill both discipline and a love of music in their 8-year-old daughter Virginia – which is evident from their Instagram pages – it’s the older children who are geared up to become performers in their own right.

Bocelli’s eldest son, Amos, appeared as a pianist on his father’s recent album Sì, tickling the keys on the acoustic versions of “Sono Qui” (I Am Here) and “Ali de Libertà” (Wings of Freedom).

Son Matteo is the singer.

In fact, he recorded a duet with his father for the album titled “Fall on Me.”

Knowing he’s both talented AND handsome, fans are now flocking to videos of him that can be found online. And one recent clip is nearing 100,000 views (it was posted in late May).

In a performance to celebrate the 200th anniversary of the discovery of the majestic and massive Postojna Cave in Slovenia in 2019, he sang a duet with Slovenian singer Nuška Drašček.

Apparently, it was an Elvis kind of year for Matteo, because it was the second time he performed a song by the King of Rock and Roll and had the video go viral.

This time he performed “Can’t Help Falling In Love.” It was Christmas Eve and despite not being especially festive, the duo awed the audience.

The scenery is unbelievable since the concert is happening underground.

The acoustics must be amazing!

While the director of the concert, Matej Filipcic, only recently posted the video of the 2019 performance, we’re betting it’s going to bring out more requests for Matteo’s vocals.

And Nuška Drašček ain’t so bad herself! She’s well-known in the region for her powerful vocals and even served as the voice for Elsa in the Slovenian dubbing of the Frozen soundtrack.

But she’s most well-known for her operatic music.

Covering Elvis is a step outside the norm for both of these singers, but no one could complain about their performance.

And it turns out Elvis Presley’s classic is great for duets.

Interestingly, Andrea Bocelli covered the very same song in 2015 in Las Vegas (in case you want to compare performances).

Be sure to scroll down below to see the marvelous duet – and keep an eye out for more from the younger Bocelli!

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