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Middle schoolers make the crowd scream when they start to dance

Watching kids dance is so cute. Even better, seeing them perform in a competition.

They might be young but they’ve put in a lot of time to learn every step, hoping they do a good job. Whether the routine is perfect or a little off, they’re having fun and learning at the same time.

Brooke Farrior and Billy West

On occasion, young kids do something that’s outstanding.

That’s what happened with Brooke Farrior and Billy West in this year’s dance nationals.

But this one was tough. Kids were up against some fierce competition.

Their video went viral

After uploading the video of the pair performing to “Pony Time,” it quickly garnered more than 50,000 views.

Then, the comments flooded in. When you hear people say things like “Oh, my goodness…fantastic,” “They get better every year,” and “That boy has rubber legs,” you know they did an incredible routine.

At the start of the video, you see Brooke and Billy off to the side while the announcer calls out their names.

Walking hand in hand, they make their way to the middle of the dance floor.

They haven’t even done anything yet but the audience is already excited to watch them perform.

After all, this pair has made quite a name for themselves.

Looking a little nervous

Initially, they both appear somewhat nervous. In fact, Brooke gently pats Billy on the back several times as if reassuring him.

It makes you wonder if the crowd’s cheers are because they’re good or as a way of showing them support. Well, it isn’t long before that question is answered.

Things kick into high gear

When the music starts, Brooke and Billy simply rock back and forth.

At that point, it’s kind of confusing. Do they even know how to dance? Oh, yes, they do.

Let’s swing

That’s when things take off. The two perform a Swing type dance that goes perfectly with the song.

They almost immediately go into a series of twists and turns. All the while, they’re right on beat and their footwork is solid.

Cool moves

Do you remember the one poster’s comment about Billy having rubber legs? They weren’t kidding.

He’s super limber and the faster he goes the better he dances. Of course, Brooke is right there with him, giving a great performance.

Perfectly synchronized

For the majority of their performance, Brook and Billy dance arm in arm. But then at one point, they separate.

Now, dancing side by side, you can see just how synchronized they are. From little to big moves, they’re spot on.

Low to the ground

If you do much dancing, you know that going low to the ground requires a lot of balance, strength, and stamina. But for this pair, that’s no problem.

They nail every twisting move. They’re so good that the crowd can’t stop cheering.

How did they do?

Well, as expected, Brooke and Billy took home first place in the Junior I Division.

After a performance like that, it was well-deserved. Although we don’t know a lot about this couple, apparently, they’ve been competing together for a long time and it shows.

If you love Swing dance and watching younger kids compete, this is the video for you. Just click on it below and you can see the performance in its entirety.

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