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Mom brings newborn to work then boss unknowingly snaps photo & posts remark about it online

Her boss unknowingly snapped the picture then spoke her mind about it online. Mom only found out about it when the photo went viral.

Adhering properly to the needs of your professional tasks and raising a newborn simultaneously is, without a doubt, the toughest phase in a parent’s life.

And it becomes much harder when you know that there is no one back at home to care for the infant while you go to work.

It is typically harder for working moms as they have to face the hardships of caring for a child while fulfilling professional duties as well.

But one mom, Melody Jett Blackwell of Tennessee, is one lucky mom! Lucky in regards to having a workplace where moms can take their infants to work.

It just so happened that one afternoon when Melody was working with her infant baby by her side her boss snapped a photo of her.

Melody’s boss was so moved by the cute spectacle that she shared the picture on her business’ official Facebook page, captioning it simply “she makes it look so easy” and explaining her thoughts on the matter.

Melody works as an assistant at Maryland Farms Chiropractic and her boss has always been very generous with Melody during her pregnancy term.

Apart from the sweet caption, her boss penned a short Facebook post accompanying Melody’s picture with the infant boy. Here it is:

In speaking her narrative to Love What Matters, Melody told how she was being treated kindly by her boss right from the start of her pregnancy term.

“When I had the baby, my boss was very generous, giving me 3-month maternity leave.

After that, she has allowed me to work from home most of the week and only come into the office once a week.

She allows me to bring my baby with me when I come in so that we can continue to bond and breastfeed.”

Obviously, such kind and heartwarming examples from workplaces are a rare piece of good news.

No wonder this act of kindness left such a deep impression on Melody’s mind. One that she’ll never forget.

The status and the sweet picture of this working mom melted the hearts of many on social media.

Up till now, the post has garnered almost 2.5K likes and 1.3K shares alone at Facebook.

The amazing thing is that Melody only came to know about this when her picture went viral on social media.

Melody hopes that one day every workplace in the world allows this kind of convenience to working moms.

“I know not every office and work environment is conducive for children and babies, but I think more places can be more flexible than they are currently,” says Melody to Love What Matters.

It is without a doubt one of the toughest things to bear when you have to raise a child, and both parents have to go to work to fulfill obligations.

If workplaces around the world allowed more leniency towards working moms, it would not only help decrease mental trauma but also save additional financial expenses such as for babysitting.

“It helps tremendously with the cost of daycare. I hope that more moms in the future will get the opportunity that I have to get to spend every day with my baby but also contribute to the family income.”

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