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Mom films the way stranger at Walmart treats her daughter when she mistakes him for Santa

The little girl mistook the man for Santa so mom quickly pulled out her camera to film his response.

Most people agree that Christmas is their favorite holiday.

There’s lots of food, family, friends and presents! What could be better than that?!

You probably remember how eagerly you waited for Christmas every year and the holiday magic that Santa would always bring to your home.

What makes Christmas special, you might wonder.

Is it the Christmas tree, lights, the family coming together, or the spirit of giving? We think Christmas is about all these things.

One little girl was very excited about Christmas and couldn’t wait to see what presents Santa would bring to her this year

The season of shopping

Shopping’s also an integral part of Christmas preparations. Going Christmas shopping, buying presents for your loved ones and decorating your home never gets old.

Kids find it ten times more exciting than us grown-ups so they participate in Christmas shopping with a special zeal.

Spotting Santa in real life!

One little girl was doing just that when she unexpectedly saw Santa browsing the aisles! Or, that’s at least what she thought!

Thinking the tall stranger with a grey beard was Santa Clause, she approached him and asked what he got her for Christmas

“Santa? I’ve been told a lot worse,” the man said as he knelt and faced the little girl.

“Have you been a good girl this year?” he asked her, upon which she showed him her nails!


The scene that unfolded was sweet and heartwarming.

Having stepped into the role of Santa, the man asked the girl if she was getting ready for Christmas, which she undoubtedly was!

In her eyes, Santa came straight from the North Pole, with Rudolf and his raindeers and was not a random stranger she met at the supermarket!

Santa was eager to oblige and soon they began talking about what she’s going to leave for Santa and Rudolf!

Casual cookie conversations

‘Can I eat them all’? Santa asked, eagerly expecting to try the cookies the girl promised to prepare for him

She was smart enough to tell Santa that raindeers eat grass! Santa then reminded his little friend that grass is hard to come by at the North Pole.

Niceties having been exchanged, it was now time for Santa to return to his hard work of preparing presents together with his countless Christmas elves, up far in the North Pole!

For now, she and Santa had to their separate ways until Christmas Even, when Santa would return to pay her a visit and make her wishes come true.

Everyone needs some Christmas cheer

We’re looking forward to Christmas this year after a year marked by the pandemic and lockdowns worldwide.

Hopefully, the next year will be an improvement and all we can wish from Santa is for the pandemic to calm so that we can be reunited with our friends and stop worrying about social distancing.

Folks worldwide will celebrate Christmas in the comfort of their homes, and be reminded of the importance of giving, as well as coming together and sharing joy.

What will be your wish for Christmas this year?

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