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Mom hilariously changes the words of “Bohemian Rhapsody” and scores 2.8M views

A lot of women dread the idea of experiencing menopause.

With the mental, physical, and emotional changes that come with it, their reaction is quite understandable.

One woman from New Zealand is using humor to highlight the struggles menopausal women experience.

Shirley Serban created a special song for them.

However, instead of making her own melody, she made a parody of a popular Queen song.

Shirley created the Menopause Rhapsody.

She chose the song not because it’s popular but because it’s perfect for what she wanted to do.

She shared:

“A rhapsody is an epic, episodic, highly emotional work. To be Bohemian is to be socially unconventional. Isn’t that combination the perfect description for a woman frustrated by menopause?”

The song was an instant hit.

On YouTube, it has over 2 million views. It’s been bombed with lots of positive comments, too.

One viewer commented:

“Utterly genius! I didn’t know whether to laugh or cry so I just howled uncontrollably! Thankyou Thankyou Thankyou! It says everything.”

Another one said:

“This is hilarious and sadly true. The only thing we women can do is laugh and enjoy wonderful parodies like this. Way to go, Shirley!!!”

There was also this viewer who had an important realization after watching the video. He said:

“I’m a man and I felt your misery the whole song…wow. I thought I understood what women go through but, after watching this, everything I thought I knew went out the window.”

It was probably a lot of work.

Apart from writing the lyrics, Shirley played the four members of the famous group.

And for that, she had to come up with four looks.

Honestly, she did an amazing job.

She looked awesome in the four looks she showcased in the video.

The parody was quite accurate.

From the mood swings, unwanted hair growth, hot flushes, and dry skin, she was able to highlight the most common challenges of menopause.

It’s one of the reasons why so many viewers were able to relate to the song.

Shirley isn’t new when it comes to creating viral parodies.

Her first one was the cover of The Sound of Music’s Do Re Mi. She turned it into a really funny parody about Covid-19. It has already earned 11 million views.

Apart from those two, Shirley also has lots of parodies on her YouTube channel.

She has a cover of Alanis Morisette’s Ironic which she turned into ‘Isn’t It Moronic?’.

Menopause isn’t a joke.

Although using humor to raise awareness isn’t a bad thing, we have to remember that menopause is serious.

It comes with several changes in the body that a lot of women struggle to cope with.

In some cases, women need to seek their doctor’s advice to cope.

If you know someone who’s going through it, make sure to be there for that person.

Let her know that you can always listen to her whenever she needs to open up.

Get ready to laugh with her hilarious parody below!

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