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Mommy says “no running” little girl finds hilarious loophole

Kids. If you want a roller coaster of a decade, spend one with a kid.

Surviving with one child for a day is a heck of a challenge in itself.

So kudos to all you amazing moms and dads for having the energy and the patience in dealing with your kids.

See, for all the craziness that comes with having kids, the little ones are always pulling off amusing surprises that delight both parents and onlookers. And they’re often at random times.

Mommy is the law.

Of course, teaching the little ones as they grow up is part of the job description.

From the bathroom to the kitchen and everything in between, it’s understandable how all that information can be overwhelming for a child.

And that does not include public behavior. Yet.

Here’s mom with her barely two year old daughter in a mall.

You know, shopping, because mom needs her therapy too. And since the kid is bored, she might as well come along. Exposure is good.

With kids come energy.

Lots of it. The little one dressed in pink races ahead of her mom, happy and excited to be out and about in a new place. And what’s that loud sound? Is that music?

Mom says the obvious,

“No running. No running.”

Easy. Straightforward.

Her daughter stops and turns around with an incredulous look on her sweet face. But it’s a wide open space!

Now this kid is smart. Instead of walking like any normal person would, she uses the “no running” rule to her advantage.

She has a ton of energy waiting to be unleashed. What does she do? She dances.


She turns around, walks forward in a strutting motion with her hips rocking back and forth to the beat.

“I would be LMFAO!! 😁😂😂 and treat her to what ever she desires because not only did Dance around the rules 😁 she just put a smile on my! ❤👍🏾 well played young lady.”

Says a viewer.

Oh she definitely danced her way around that one. And mom can’t even get mad.

Because technically, she did stop running. Mom didn’t say anything about dancing. Kids.

Imagine mom’s face.

That would be a mixture of exasperation, amusement, and probably an eye roll. Or two.

Then again if you think about it, who else would that little girl get her sassy attitude from? That’s right, mom. Don’t deny it.

Another viewer commented,

“That girl is going places. She can think outside the box!”

Well she’s in a pretty small box with all that toddler energy. It was inevitable.

Now whether she got ice cream or a new toy after her little cheeky move, we don’t know.

What’s certain is that dad let out a laugh when he saw this.

Save the running for sports. Everywhere else, keep dancing.

And if this little lady is still finding loopholes around mom’s rules, we can only imagine she has some other funny and clever antics up her sleeve.

Watch this little girl wiggle her way around mom’s rule below!

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