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Moms take over floor for dance off with Senior sons

The mom is the front and center has really got the moves.

We all love a heart-warming story.

Is there anything more heart-warming than moms dancing with their sons on one of their last ever days of highschool?

We didn’t think so, either.

At Conway High School, something special happened for their Homecoming.

Homecoming is a big day for seniors.

For high schools, homecoming is a way to celebrate all of the past graduates and welcome them back, usually with a football game!

On top of the welcome, there is usually a celebration and an honoring of the soon-to-be graduates.

To make this an extra-special day, the football team seniors decided to perform a dance with their moms!

At the school assembly that accompanies the celebration, the seniors wanted to plan something special.

Their idea? Dancing with their moms!

For a mom who is about to watch her little boy graduate in a few weeks, a dance to commemorate it is as touching as it gets.

The entire dance is choreographed and fun to watch!

As the song We Will Rock You by Queen played, the entire auditorium started clapping.

As they clapped, the moms started walking out to the center of the court with their sons in tow.

Reaching the middle of the court, they gathered together and started the next section.

With a quick music change and some crouching moves, the song Lip Gloss starts playing!

Now, there is a bit more of a beat for all the moms to stomp and dance to.

With the new song, the senior boys all rush out with their moms and even dance for a second!

After a quick twirl, a new song comes on.

The moms leave the song, and the boys get their own solo moment.

The Git Up by Blanco Brown plays, and the football players do their best to swing around and two-step to this country dance song.

You can’t help but laugh at all the funny moves they do!

Then, it gets real.

As sirens go off and the crowd cheers, the moms all come back out in blue hoodies that match the school colors.

With a big bass drop and a quick head nod, the entire mom/senior group sways back and forth to the beat.

Over and over, the music switches up, inviting more creativity from the moms and the seniors.

With the sheer volume of music displayed, you know that they spend hours practicing all the songs!

In one final crowd-cheering moment, the football players get a chant about their school going and group up in the middle.

t’s time to get excited about the big game!

You can be sure that with this many moms around, there will be orange slices aplenty at the football game!

After watching this, you can’t help but love their dedication to making something fun together.

Is it the best dancing in the world? Of course not!

They just wanted a way to celebrate the school’s graduates and love on their moms a bit.

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