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Moose Family Runs Through Sprinklers During A Heat Wave

Here on the east coast, we’re pretty used to heat waves.

People often point out how fortunate we are to experience four complete seasons every year.

What that actually means is that we get to “enjoy” extreme temperatures throughout the entire year!

Here, winters are super cold and we have heavy, wet snow and the occasional blizzard that leaves us snowed in for days.

Summers are a long stretch of heat and humidity that makes it nearly impossible to leave the house without sweating buckets and air conditioning is an absolute necessity.

Spring and fall are supposed to be beautiful temperate seasons, but they never seem to last long enough.

In a place where it’s just as important to have a great air conditioning unit as it is to have an efficient heat source, we know quite a bit about staying cool in the summertime.

Pools are a popular choice, but public pools are often crowded and having one at home is a lot of money and maintenance work.

Some people choose to get out of town and go to a cooler climate altogether.

This time of year, stores are full of a huge selection of fans and portable air conditioners, each with a varying degree of cost and effectiveness.

If you wander towards the kids’ section, you’ll find all sorts of outdoor toys, many that use a simple outside garden hose for a bit of fun in the sun. As kids, we had Slip ‘n Slides, though I’m pretty sure those are considered too dangerous now, or we simply stole the sprinkler from my mother’s vegetable garden and spent hours running back and forth through it and leaving a muddy puddle in the yard.

When Alaska experiences a heat wave, they may not be as prepared to deal with it as we are in the south. Not just the humans, but the animals, too. Candice Helm is from Alaska and noticed a moose family wandering through her neighborhood during a rare heat wave.

“We thought they seemed hot and thirsty so my husband, Will Helm, decided to turn on the sprinklers!” Candice wrote on Facebook. “A bit later they were having the time of their lives! We, and all the neighbors, just loved watching them!”

The moose family was delighted with the gesture and the people were able to enjoy watching them frolick in the cool sprinkler! Everybody wins!

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