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Mother and son cut loose with entertaining dance

Sons should always be kind to their moms!

They did birth us all into this world, to begin with.

One of the final moments that a mom has with their “baby boy” is the mother-son dance at his wedding.

At this particular wedding, the mother-son dance turned into something amazing!

This Was Anything But Traditional

When Gabe and his mom stepped on the dance floor and started their now-famous dance.

The opening moves were pretty standard, but when the music changed, the crowd knew that something special was about to happen.

Gabe’s mom was about to show where Gabe inherited his own moves from!

The dance routine was a mix of some of the best songs in the last 100 years with some incredible beats.

The YouTube comment section was shocked by their skills!

YouTube Sensation

They started their dance waltzing off of Louis Armstrong’s “What a Wonderful World,” until the tempo started to pick up at around nine seconds later with the timeless dance-pop hit single “Billy Jean” from the King of Pop himself, Michael Jackson.

These two had the floor to themselves as everyone else looked on with glee and astonishment.

A Sweet Back Flip

Without any reserve, the dancing duo went to town with their moves. When Jennifer Lopez’s “On The Floor” came on the speakers, however, Gabe’s mom’s time to shine had arrived.

She danced with some awesome moves and Gabe even pulled out the best move yet – a backflip!

Lastly, the duo added some sass into the mix with “Single Ladies” by Beyonce.

Swinging their hips around, the two were smooth as butter!

The audience watching couldn’t help but laugh and cheer as they performed something that obviously took weeks to plan.

Hugging it out in the end, Gabe and his mom showed just how much love they had for each other.

This was a really cute way display the kind of love that a child should give to the one that brought them up since birth.

To top it off, it wasn’t anything over the top or promotional, just two family members having a great time doing what they probably love to do during their spare time!

The guests at that wedding won’t ever forget that amazing dance!

You could tell just how good it was to them from the claps and cheers that accompanied the dancing duo.

Gabe and his mom may have spoiled future weddings for all the people that were there!

What below to see what the buzz is all about with their fun-spirited mother-son wedding dance!

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