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Mother breastfeeds at a zoo not anticipating she’d have a touching encounter with an orangutan

Some people act disgusted when mothers breastfeed their babies in public, despite the fact that it is normal and natural.

Those people should be supportive, like this orangutan.

Society is a strange thing. For some reason, breastfeeding is seen as taboo in some areas.

But why? It’s a natural part of child-rearing, and it’s completely unharmful. And yet, the stigma persists.

Of course, some places have the right attitude, and some people are highlighting this.

Gemma Copeland recently had the opportunity to highlight just how normal breastfeeding in public is. And her example has been seen across the world.

She, her partner and her son went on vacation to Austria recently. While there, they decided to go to the Schonbrunn Zoo.

During the visit, Gemma’s child got hungry and started crying for a feeding. So Gemma sat in the corner of the orangutan enclosure and started feeding her boy.

While Gemma was feeding her child, something amazing happened.

One of the orangutans approached Gemma and her feeding child.

The animal got right up to the glass and calmly stared at Gemma and the boy. Gemma made eye contact with the orangutan, and they bonded.

Next, the orangutan put her hand onto the glass, right next to Gemma’s son. Clearly, the animal wanted to caress the baby.

“The way the orangutan reacted took my breath away.” – Gemma Copeland.

For half an hour, the orangutan sat with Gemma, watching over the two of them, offering them her support and protection.

Gemma’s partner took photos of the event. Soon, Gemma posted them and the story to Facebook.

The post soon went viral. Thousands of people have liked and shared the original post.

There have also been many supportive comments.

In the past, Gemma has experienced criticism for feeding her son in public.

She told Bored Panda that once, when she was asked to cover up her breastfeeding son, she instead handed over to the person a spare sheet and asked them to cover up their shallow mindedness.

Gemma has also used her newfound fame to promote causes that she cares about.

Shortly after her original post, she took to Facebook again to point out that if everyone who had engaged with her post had donated $1, they could have raised millions of dollars for charitable causes.

She is now encouraging people to donate to Borneo Orangutan Rescue.

This organization works to save baby orangutans who have been stolen from their mothers and sold to humans as pets.

It also saves adult orangutans who have spent their lives in captivity and stranded orangutans whose homes have been destroyed by humans.

Gemma Copeland’s story shows why we should both help orangutans and support public breastfeeding.

Orangutans are critically endangered animals. Humans have been responsible for their population decline.

In America, breastfeeding in public is completely legal, as it should be.

That’s true for all 50 states. The only exception to this law is that mothers can’t breastfeed their children in moving cars, as it is a safety hazard to the child.

So if you’re a mother in America who needs to breastfeed her child in public, never feel ashamed!

The only shame is on the judgy people who are objecting to you doing something vital to the happiness and health of your baby!

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